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World’s Saddest Polar Bear In The World.

World’s Saddest Polar Bear

The recent footage of the “World’s saddest polar bear” was quite embarrassing as it makes the headlines last year. He was shown to be enclosed in a Chinese shopping mall just for the purpose of getting more customers’ turnout. There has been recent footage that reveals that still there are no signs of happiness on the face and body language. The polar bear as no arrangements made yet to improve the living conditions of the polar bear.

The bear has the name Pizza can see in pacing around its small glass-front tank, gazing at the people with misery and swaying its head. The UK veterinary advisor has also shown its concern to the present state of the polar bear. According to Professor Alastair which the advisor to the UK; “The bear is showing the classic stereotype behavior for a reason. The behavior includes head swaying and repetitive pacing which is the outcome of frustration and poor welfare. The conditions in which the bear is living are miserable and unsuitable at all. Removing him from his natural habitat might be very harmful in the future as the present signs are not good. If something is not done timely then we can see him slipping into mental decline slowly”. These are all sayings of Professor Alastair.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear
World’s Saddest Polar Bear

Since the news of his miserable captivity at a Chinese shopping mall has spread around the world. The animal rights authorities have started to take serious action towards it. The photos of the poor polar bear have been surf by over 1 million people and various petitions have been signed by the animal right authorities. Pizza is one of more than 500 animals including an arctic fox, walrus and beluga whale living in the Grand-view Polar Sea World, located in a shopping mall in Guangzhou, in China’s southeast Guangdong Province.

All was going happy when a happy ending to this scenario was in sight for the poor polar bear when UK based Wildlife Park offers a native home to Pizza which includes a 10-acre sanctuary but the offer was turned down by the Chinese authorities stating that Pizza should live in China. Recently, 50 Chinese animal rights groups have written an open letter to the governor of Guangdong Province saying him to close the polar world as this is both morally and by the rights of animals is incorrect. They say that such an exhibition is a shame towards China. Let’s see how this goes. We pray for the well-being of the polar bear Pizza.


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