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Where to Get Animal Public Liability Insurance

Where to Get Animal public Liability Insurance

Animal liability insurance As many of you already knows that homeowners insurance and rental insurance usually cover liability for dog bites especially mad dog bites. If you are insured under those policies than you should get animal liability insurance coverage.

There are certain policies present for mad dogs that include inadequate limits for the victim. You will be happy to know that three solutions are available to the dog owners who don’t have animal liability insurance which are umbrella coverage, excess coverage, and canine liability coverage. Umbrella coverage will provide coverage to those injuries and liabilities which are often not covered in normal animal insurances. An excess policy provides a higher policy limit for losses that are covered by the primary insurance. A canine liability policy is a policy written specifically for dog owners for the purpose of ensuring dogs or people who, for one reason or another, cannot obtain any other coverage for injuries, damages, and losses caused by their dog.

Animal Liability Insurance best article

The best solution available to dog owners is to have “Umbrella policy insurance”. If you have homeowners insurance and canine insurance but it doesn’t cover canine infected injuries than you should have a meeting with your insurance provider about having a “Personal Umbrella Liability Policy”. It is basically the Umbrella policy for individuals and their families. It basically provides coverage about excess liability over underlying liability coverage but some coverage like canine liability coverage is not being covered in this policy.

There is no standard form for this kind of policy, but generally, the form requires the maintenance of underlying homeowners and auto liability policies with a minimum combined single liability limits of $300,000 each. The important thing is to ascertain that the umbrella policy under consideration does not exclude canine inflicted injuries. It should be noted that if you cannot get an Umbrella Liability policy than you should get a Canine liability policy. There are some companies that are offering the best services regarding animal public liability insurance policies. Some of those companies are as follows…

1. Federation of Insured Dog Owners

This organization was a launch to cover any kind of animal Canine Liability Insurance Policy for any breed of dogs. It provides a much-needed niche for the mark with the aim to provide visual liability service to animal owners at very affordable prices. It covers all the dog breeds as well as animal bites especially from those by mad dogs. Per dog, the policy rate is $75 per year. F.I.D.O.’s value extends beyond the affordable price by covering any breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds and Doberman pinschers, to name a few. The policies are available throughout the USA.

2. Pet Protection Pak

It found in 2013 to help the cases of dog bites insurance. The team feels proud to offer a broad range of packages starting from $200 in 35 states. The limits range from $25,000 to $500,000. There are some factors that can persuade dog owners to have suitable dog bite insurance. Some policies exclude certain breeds of dogs, many landlords require tenants to ensure breeds which are believed to be more aggressive, and most local laws require insurance for dogs with a history of aggression. Pet Protection Pak can help the responsible dog owners in purchasing an insurance policy suitable for their needs. They even provide dog bite insurance for breeds like pit bulls, German shepherds, boxers and Dobermans. The company also offers a discount if your canine has successfully completed the “good citizen’s test”.

3. Evolution Insurance Brokers

It has own by a prime insurance company and offers nationwide coverage in accordance with animal public liability insurance policies. As well as agents and brokers can also access the program. They write Personal Liability, Commercial Liability and even Off Duty Police Dogs but only when they are excluded from Municipalities coverage and Homeowners. Their coverage starts from as low as $350 for 6 months at a base limit of $100,000 in most cases. The rating factor of this company is based on bread, weight, State, History and many other underwriting factors.

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