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What Dog Breed Is Best For Me?

How to Choose a Dog Breed?

You Deserve the Best among the Myriad Dog Breed

Well, what dog breed is best for you? Dog Breed, Indeed, this wonderful pet showers unconditional love on you and your family. The attachment is everlasting, moreover, it’s a great feeling when your dog snuggles you once you enter the home after a long hard day. The outside world may be mean but the small world that you share with a wonderful pet is indeed comforting.

A Good Dog Breed would bring joy and happiness and some research suggests that pets help in coping with anxiety and stress.

Moreover, they help in reducing blood pressure and eventually bring a smile to everybody’s face. Above all, with a nice pet, you can enjoy a picture-perfect holiday. Hence, your dog will be a part of the sweet memories.    

What Dog Breed is Best for You? Finding the Best Dog Breed can be Tricky and Exciting

Finding an ideal Dog Breed can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, it is fun, and at the same time challenging. Explore various options, but the most cardinal thing is to ‘know thy self’ when selecting the Best Dog Breed. This does not mean to indulge in philosophical musings, but rather to identify the best companion who would gel well with your family. Before you tie the leash and bring home your favorite dog, ensure that you have delved into the details, as it is a lifelong commitment.  Determining the Dog Breed is possible through the utilitarian way.

most popular dog breeds
Golden Retriever is most popular dog breeds

In fact, the usefulness is what eventually determines Dog Breed. Hence, there are herding dogs, hunting dogs or simply companion dogs for those who love to spend leisure time either solo or with family. 

Compatible Dog Breeds: Types of Dogs Categorized through Utility:

Companion Dog: 

It is a perfect family Dog mostly as a companion. Usefulness is not its forte, but rather it remains a wonderful family member. Companion Dog looks wonderful on a picture-perfect holiday.

The Best Dog Breed: Here are few Breeds of Companion Dog Breed:

a) Beagle
b) Basset Hound
c) American Bully
Hunting Dog:

He does the running and hunting for humans, in fact, humans and hunting dogs share a long history. There was a time when hunting was predominant and the hunting dog accompanied humans in several hunting expeditions. The hunting dog could smell and trail the target. Moreover, it hunted either for or with his master.

The Best Hunting Dog Breeds for You:


Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Scent hounds

Herding Dog

An interesting breed; which is a result of fascinating ingenuity where humans would pave the way for cross-breeding among dogs. It is a result of judicious breeding by humans to ensure that it does not chase or intimidate the cattle and the same time retain its natural instinct towards hunting. Today herding dogs are sought- after by family. Their intelligence and energy are what many people like about them.

Here are a few Breeds of Herding Dog: The Dog Fits You Best

1   Australian Cattle Dog

2    Bearded Collie

3    Blue Lacy

Dog Breed Identifier: Dog Breed Characteristics and Group

Dog Shows aren’t any fancy-dress competition; in these shows, dogs are rather categorized. In fact, every dog holds a CV, wherein the group that the ‘Dog Breed’ belongs to- is the actual CV.

Various Dog Breed Groups:

I. Sporting Group
II. Hound Group
III. Terrier Group
IV. Working Group
V. Herding Group
VI. Non-Sporting Group
VII. Toy Group
Facts about dogs
Facts about dogs

Sporting Group Dog Breeds

This breed is specific for those who indulged in hunting and had an inclination towards adventure. The breed was highly sought – after by the hunters who could either hunt or bring back the prey or a wounded quail or bird. They are natural athletes and Great Companions, in fact ideally suited in woods and water. But the most noteworthy ability is that they can fetch any hunted animal from the water and rivers. Cocker Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, and Golden Retriever are few breeds from Sporting Group.

Hound Group Dog Breeds 

This group relentlessly chases the prey. Moreover, speed, anticipation, and perception are phenomenal. It can chase down the best of the targets, which includes those animals that run fast. It is quite resourceful for its ability to trail criminals and convicts, often preferred by Police. Dachshund, Beagle, Dachshund, and Harrier are some of the breeds that belong to the Hound group.

Working Group Dog Breeds

 They are reliable and akin to security guards. This group is agile, vigilant, moreover clever and man’s best friend. It can save a drowning victim, and protect the house of his master from thieves. Above all, it belongs to the category of a “friend in need.” Doberman and Great Dane belong to this group.

Terrier Group Dog Breeds

This group is active, lively, and immensely energetic.  Perhaps animated and eager; also, ideal to clean up rodents and vermin. The energy is incredible which requires plenty of nurturing, cleaning, and grooming. This would certainly turn into a wonderful pet by little effort from the owner. This group also guards the house and is really warm and helpful. Bedlington Terrier, Airedale Terrier, and American Hairless Terrie belong to this group.   

Non-Sporting Group Dog Breeds

These are the lively well-groomed and friendly by nature. Initially, this particular group accompanied hunters. It would run towards the wood and either hunt or retrieve the prey. Considered a perfect breed genetically, or perhaps evolutionary designed to retrieve any kind of prey from the water. The insulation is ingrained and part of the body makeup.  Non- Sporting Dogs require plenty of workouts to keep them agile.  The basic categories are retrievers, spaniels, pointers, and setters. Clumber spaniel and American water spaniel are part of this group.  

Herding Group Dog Breeds

As the name suggests, this group was trained for herding and accompanied the German shepherd. One noteworthy aspect is its natural proclivity to protect the family and small children. Indeed, children would love them. Protecting livestock and vulnerable animals come naturally to this group. Police and crime fighters also use this dog.  In addition to that, this dog responds quickly to exercises and other training regimes and programs. The category includes German Shepherd, the Australian shepherd, and Bearded Collie.   

Toy Group Dog Breeds

They are cute and keeping them is emotionally fulfilling. Characterized as Cordial and adorable. They cuddle and love to jump on to the lap. By nature, this type is affectionate and adorable. The category includes Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, and English Toy Spaniel.

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