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Traveling With Dogs Internationally

Are You Planning to Travel? Can You Bring A Dog Home from Another Country?

Let’s talk about traveling with dogs internationally. Do you want to take your dog with you especially in Europe? Croatia is a country where you and your dog are welcome.

So just pack up and go with your dog friend to relax on the picturesque beaches of the Adriatic Sea or discover the beauty of Croatian inland. But do not forget the PET PAS, which you must carry with you during the whole visit to Croatia.

The PET PAS must contain the following information:

– Identification data of dog with photo;

– The serial number of pet passport;

– Microchip placement information and date of introduction;

– Information about compulsory vaccinations

(Manufacturer and vaccine serial number, vaccination date and expiry date).

The most important information is the rabies vaccination, which must be carried out at least 21 days before entering Croatia. This period is not relevant for revaccination before the expiry date.

Have a nice holiday and look forward to your tips, experiences, experiences, insights, recommendations, and photos.

Air Traveling with Dogs

Today we have prepared some information about traveling with a dog. Air transport has several specifics that vary from airline to airline. These rules can make the trip a bit tricky, but with the right information, you can do everything stress-free for you and your pet.

Some basic information for all airlines about traveling with dogs.

-The dog must have a valid pet passport and have a microchip implanted;

-Depending on the size of the dog, it can travel either with you in the cabin or in the trunk;

-The dog must be in the transport box, whether traveling with you onboard an aircraft or in the luggage compartment;

-The box must be large enough to allow the dog to stand and be constructed to prevent the escape of dirt;

-Mark the box with your name, your dog’s name and mobile phone number;

-If the dog is traveling with you onboard, at the airport security check place the box on the control belt and pass the dog through the metal detector;

-If your dog has to be carried in the luggage compartment, contact the airline staff you are traveling for and how to proceed;

-When taking off and landing, the cabin crew will ask you to place the dog box under the seat in front of you;

-It is allowed to keep the box with the dog on his knees during the flight.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Flying with A Dog :

Book a ticket for your dog as soon as possible. As a rule, no more than two dogs or two cats may be carried per aircraft;

You train your dog to get used to a box in which it will carry it on air travel;

Come to the airport in time to have time to complete all the formalities before boarding;

Put your dog’s favorite toy in the box, and if there is enough space, you can add a piece of clothing (for example, a sleeping shirt) as your scent can soothe it and help it manage separation during the flight;

Try to be gentle and calm because your dog will feel nervous;

Do not worry about the temperature in the luggage compartment, it is regulated;

Do not feed the dog too much before the flight so that it is not bad;

Take a long walk before arriving at the airport;

Do not unnecessarily give a dog sedative without prior advice from a veterinarian;

Check out all the terms and conditions of your air carrier.

Have a happy and peaceful flight.


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