Top 10 Reasons why dogs are best Pets

dogs are best Pets

Why Dogs Are Best Pets

Top 10 reasons why dogs are best Pets there are many reasons for everything happening in this world. Without reasons, nothing is possible whether material or non-material. In the same way, if we considered our pet animals as great than definitely there are some reasons of it. These reasons conclude their affection and loyalty towards us. The dogs are considered as our best friends for a reason. There are some reasons why these four legged friends of man make great pets. The difference between dogs and other pet animals is that most of them love to be independent and keeping a low profile but not in the case of dogs; they love the company of others and ensure that you have one of the best companions of your life. The nutrition experts explain why our four legged friends make best companions of us. These are explained as under…

Why They are dogs are best Pets

1 They are you walking buddies

There is not any great feeling in this world other than going for a walk with your companion. Same is the thing if your companion is a dog. Your dog will not refuse you for jogging around the park or residential area. So you have someone to enjoy company of. They are actually the motivators for exercise and eventually the most enthusiastic at it. There relentless enthusiasm will compel you towards regular exercise.

2 Happiness is the Guarantee

Recent researches show that the dog owners are more willing to enjoy and live life actively. They have great self-esteem. They tend to be less fearful as well as less stressful. The dogs are everything for the ones who live lonely life. They are actually the perfect companion for them. The benefit is that dogs not only provide them company but also they smoother the owners with their love and affection.

pets are special gift for you

3 They Love us

If you love them, they will surely love you back in fact this thing is associate with every living thing in this world. This has prove by researches that dogs will love you back even more passionately than one would have thought. Some scientists in California conducted a research on this thing. In the end they found out that just like humans, dogs also release a love hormone which is oxytocin. It is a hormone which make us connected and intact in our relationships. This was detect when pets had interactions with their owners.

4 The Children will learn something

The child and dog relationship is even more fruitful for the child’s future. This is for the fact that the child will learn many things like how to read and confidence booster things. The evidence is quite significant which proves that the literacy, development and confidence can increase big time if the Dogs Are Companion of man.

5 Entertainment Big Time

Dogs are entertaining and only dog owners know this thing. For example if you have seen your four legged friend to chase a spider in a room than you might know how it feels. If you have not than you are not the luckiest person in this world. You will ne be able to know how funny is to watch your dog doing silly things.

6 You are welcome home

You go to your work or job and you wish that when you come back, somebody should be there to welcome you home. This dream will not be a dream if you have owned a dog. Your dog will welcome you every time with the same excitement. Even more so than from our partners and families, dogs are always unashamedly, over-excited to greet you when you get home after a long day.

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7 They will protect you

Barking is associate with dogs when a door opens or someone which is not known to him wishes or enters your place. This will give you at least a warning so that you might take some appropriate measures to refrain from harsh circumstances. Sometimes you get annoyed but it is a great security measure if you value it. You know the good thing is that no one unidentified is going to enter the street without the whole street knowing about it because of the dog barking.

 Think that Dogs Are Best Pets

8 Nothing is better than their company

Dogs are such personalities which take away not only your loneliness but also the emptiness of your home by just having it. They are great companions and affectionate towards their owners. If you have a dog than you should be having a longtime friend and a company full of love and affection.

9 You will become more social

It is a great way to meet new people and have interactions with them. If you are a dog owner than you would have the edge over the others that you should be eased in starting a conversation. Neighbors, strangers, fellow dog owners, everyone wants to make friends when you have a lovely dog to talk about.

10 Your Emotions

Why Dogs make Great Pets they have this wonderful ability that they can read your emotions and tell you when they think you are upset and most of the times, they are perfect at this. The recent researches have shown that the dogs have some emotional sounds just like humans. This means that they act in the same way like humans when they are stresses or angry. One thing more important is that they can be very comforting in crisis.

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