The Woman Saves 100 Dogs in China

Woman Saves 100 Dogs
The Woman Saves 100 Dogs in China

The woman saves 100 dogs in China and Love is the most powerful thing in this world according to some that prove. This love cannot be center on anything. It can be with humans, plants and even animals. Some examples of love are just great enough that you just can do a clap of honor for it. One such example was seen in China where there is a controversial enough dog eating festival. Woman Saves 100 Dogs in China a woman in China paid over $1000 to save 100 dogs. Being eat at the controversial dog-eating festival. The festival occurs in the southern city of Yulin. This festival is known for its notorious reputation around the globe. It occurs mainly in summer. It has faced an increasing backlash from animal rights activists over the years because they say that the event is cruel.

The woman names Yang Xiaoyun was seen in pictures getting across the market. Where dogs are kept in cages in poor conditions before paying $1000 to get the dogs release from cruel treatment. It can narrate here that in the past many animal rights activists have visited. Yulin just to create a sense of humanity among the festival organizers by buying many dogs from the market where they are kept before entering the festival. A Hong Kong-based charity organization has added that the majority of dogs in this festival are stolen pets and stray dogs. The group says many of the dogs are treated inhumanely, kept in tiny cages and poison or beat to death. Nevertheless, eating dogs is legal in the country.

The Woman Saves 100 Dogs in China

The Woman Saves 100 Dogs in China


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