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The Most Popular Dog Breeds in The World

List of Popular Dog Breeds

What are the most popular dog breeds in the world?

Can you tell me the most popular dog breeds in the world? You want a dog, but you have not decided which breed you will buy? Here we bring you a selection of a few very popular dog breeds, perhaps you choose from it, which will best fit according to the nature and possibilities of the place where you will breed the dog.

We’ve listed some most popular dog breeds in the world

Yorkshire Terrier: A Small Dog Breed
Yorkshire Terrier dog breed;
Yorkshire Terrier dog breed;

Small dog breed, which is very suitable for a block of flats and small apartments. It is a cheerful and social and faithful dog, which also does not pour, which is for most people an immense advantage.

Schnauzer: Dog Breeds
Schnauzer Dog Breeds
Schnauzer Dog Breeds

A relatively old breed of small dogs originating in Germany. Schnauzers are very intelligent, loyal, extremely vital and sometimes stubborn. He is a very capable dog who learns quickly.

Golden Retriever: Dog Breed

most popular dog breeds
Golden Retriever is most popular dog breeds

A noble breed that is one of the most popular. Retriever is tremendously clever and docile, infinitely loyal, also friendly and affectionate. He is a perfect family dog but needs space to live.

Dachshund: Dog Breeds
Dachshund Dog Breeds

Dachshunds are ideal for families with small children. These dogs do not show any signs of aggression against humans or animals and are extremely friendly, loyal and social, so it is necessary to pay him enough attention.

German shepherd: Dog Breeds

German shepherd Dog Breeds
German shepherd: Dog Breeds

Faithful, courageous and patient. Dog warrior, but by no means aggressor. It is used for babysitting, protection and the like.

Dogo Argentino: Dog Breeds
Dogo Argentino Dog Breeds
Dogo Argentino: Dog Breeds

A very intelligent dog, which is suitable for guard or protection. Great Dane is very friendly and cheerful but requires careful education.

Beagle: Dog Breeds
Beagle Dog Breeds
Beagle Dog Breeds

It is really a very friendly breed, but can also be very stubborn. This dog needs a lot of movement because he has a tendency to fat.

My Vote Goes to GERMAN SHEPHERD: One of The Best Dog Breeds in The World

Other Names: Deutsche Schaferhund, Alsatian

Origin: There are different opinions on the origin of German Shepherd. According to one theory, the dog is the product of the various shepherd dogs that have existed in Germany. According to another theory, the breed was the result of the mating of female flock dogs with male wolves and it is not yet known which of these theories are correct, but the first German Shepherd’s long hair in year 2 in Hanover and its short hair type It has been exhibited in Berlin for 5 years. This breed has developed extensively among older dogs, herds, and fields, as well as among human companions and companions over the centuries. German Shepherd has been able to move from Germany to many parts of the world since the beginning of the year.

German Shepherd has been around for all time due to his superior physical behavior and structure among other races, and even his defensive features and specialized training are subject to judgment.

The most important features of this race are aristocratic behaviors, courage and the ability to learn specific behaviors and activities.

The first characteristic of a good German shepherd is strength, agility, proper muscles and alertness.

Behaviorology: It is often used as a working dog. German Shepherd is a smart, fearless, eager, brave, lively and restless dog. He is known for his courage and loyalty. A dog is serious and seems to have inherited some of its intelligence from humans! Has great talent for learning. They love to be close to family members and, on the contrary, they avoid strangers. German Shepherd is a friendly dog ​​and should not be left out for long. It only barks when needed. The sham has a strong guardianship and it is best to give it special training from an early age. He treats other animals and is very kind to children. They can be easily trained for a variety of purposes, including herd dogs, guard dogs, police dogs, blind guides, saviors and army dogs.

PHYSIOLOGY: Has large and strong muscles, fine but firm bones. Relatively long trunk, series balanced with the body. Relatively prominent forehead, strong teeth, and jaw-like jaws. Ears erect and sharp (puppies’ ears may have fallen by six months). The eyes are almond-shaped, smart and lively and dark. In this breed, the tail is pulled up to the hind legs and the tail is rested when the animal is motionless. The front legs and shoulders are muscular and the thighs are thick and strong. The claws are round and the heels are firm. The hair is thick, short or curly and long.

The color is different in German Shepherd dogs and almost all colors are acceptable. However, very pale or white colors are not acceptable.

Weight and height: Weight in males: (1–2) kg, in females: (1–2) kg Height in males: (1–2) cm, in females: (1–2) cm

Health Problems: Hip and elbow problems are common, so make sure you have parental health before purchasing a puppy. Blood diseases, digestive problems, epilepsy, eczema, and short stature are noteworthy.

Storage Conditions: Suitable for living in the home provided it is allowed daily physical activity. Indoors it is quiet but a large yard would be suitable for his life. Physical activity: Likes activity and skipping. Sometimes he is interested in education and enjoys wrestling and fighting. Lifetime: About 2 years. Adorn:

Hair loss in this race is especially high in the hair loss season. It is appropriate to comb daily. They should not be bathed too much. Washing twice a year is enough to prevent drying and loss of natural skin oil.

Efficiency: Firstly used in the care and guidance of herds. But because of its high intelligence and considerable war-time endurance, it was used as the best messenger in the minefield in a variety of situations (including being under enemy fire). In the mountainous climate or in fires and other natural disasters, the breed is used as a rescue dog. Of course, due to his complete reflexes, he is able to get himself ready and is now recognized as the best breed for use in the police force and has made him an indefinable guard dog.

German Shepherd- The Best Dog Breed in the world  [ Video ]


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