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The Case of Tilikum Orca use for entertainment

The Case of Tilikum

The Case of Tilikum was an Orca use for entertainment purposes. She died owing to miserable conditions. He was imprisoned for three decades for amusement purposes at the Sea world. The star of the show their amusing people and providing them entertainment but man is cruel sometimes towards animals when they are getting you money especially. He was also the star of the documentary “Blackfish”. He finally had his freedom but not the way he or anybody would expect as he had to die to get it. What a huge price he had paid off for his freedom just giving you a glimpse of man’s cruelty towards the animals considering them their moneymaking machines.

The people worldwide urged Sea World management to release him as now he has done his bit and deserved to be among his fellows at the original sea but all in vain. The Tilikum along with other orc’s languishing in its tiny concrete tanks into coastal sanctuaries, where they could enjoy some semblance of the life that has been stolen from them, they live in miserable conditions there. But the management refused to release him even after he serves them for over three decades. Instead, they claim it to be a part of their family but every one of us knows that a family member certainly can’t live in such tiny and miserable places and to be exploited for some bucks. He was kidnaped by some cowboys. Taken away from its family in Iceland when he was just two years old. It was a pity that for the rest of his life, he was forced to live in tiny tanks and cramped enclosures, unable to use his echolocation, hear or see his relatives, swim long distances or do anything that resembles living naturally. He was basically a trained pet as many others. You could not believe that he was trained to roll over just for the purpose of masturbation of it. The workers to get its semen to make breeds of it which is the height of cruelty. In fact, the management at the sea world used it as their sperm-producing machine. He bred 21 times and 11 of its offspring died in miserable conditions before him.

Orcs Behave

He was kept in a small tank for the rest of his life with no escape from aggressive orcs. Which often ends in blood. This increased its stress level which forced him to lash out. He then killed three humans owing to that stress including the trainer in 2010. Wore down his teeth to nubs by gnawing on the underwater bars of his prison. Confined to an enclosure that was, to him, the size of a bathtub, he slowly lost his mind. Finally, his body gave out as well.

Tilikum is dead now without having the joy of his life, his meetings with family members and in miserable conditions. He died in an environment where he did not belong. His life is done but there is still a chance to save his offspring. Refrain them from dying in such miserable conditions. An effective company can and must immediately begin a plan to rehabilitate. Return all the orc’s, beluga whales, bottle-nose dolphins, sea lions, walruses, penguins and others back to nature. Release them into coastal sanctuaries. Dying should not be the only way that animals imprisoned at Sea-world get to escape their tanks.




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