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Some Toxic Foods For Dogs – BEWARE DO NOT Feed!

We must beware of toxic foods for dogs. Dogs will eat just about anything! However, you may be killing them without even knowing it by feeding poison dog foods and treats. These items can often cause death, early serious medical conditions and at the least very painful upset stomachs.

rotten toxic dog food can harm your dogs
Rotten toxic dog food can harm your dogs

I didn’t mean to scare you but as a passionate caretaker of all dogs. I felt obligated to bark out a loud wakeup call because if you can save yours or a friend’s dog. My job to protect and warn has been accomplished.

Their keen sense of smell, and what we may consider “rotten foods” (yesterday’s garbage, for example.), even food you thought was out of reach is easily hunted down and accidentally eaten. Your dog will get into places thought impossible, track the source and consume it guaranteed!

Dogs don’t care what food it was, all they know is if it smells good to them it’s fair game. Usually, knowing your dog is smart and having a well thought out plan will prevent this. However, you can’t watch them every minute and the occasional chicken or tasty side dish will mysteriously disappear. The side dish may be okay but cook chicken bones can be very dangerous. Raw bones, on the other hand, do not splinter like cooked ones.

Everyday foods we consume and are healthy for us, can be deadly to your dog. Did you know a piece of chocolate that is dropped or unknowingly feed by a child might potentially be very hazardous? This could become a disaster, as of dog’s love chocolate just as much as most humans do, I wouldn’t dare deprive you of this delicious treat, just be extra cautious.

Reports show it is high in human antioxidants, for your dog chocolate contains some chemicals, considered extremely dangerous, if not deadly. Unfortunately, even small traces of these chemicals can cause your dog very serious medical conditions such as higher heart rates, palpitations, etc. Larger chunks can lead to cardiac arrest, seizures, coma and ultimately death. Be aware that various breeds of dogs show different levels of resistance to harmful chemicals in chocolate and a dog’s size and weight should also be factored in.

chocolate is also toxic food for dogs
Chocolate is also toxic food for dogs

While a pound of chocolate might kill a smaller dog, it may merely cause a 100 lb dog a couple of days of an upset tummy and a smelly accident or two! Be kind when cleaning the mess, they can’t tell you they ate it. Err on the side of caution, be sure any chocolate is store “out-of-reach” and that all family and friends, especially younger kids, know “beware of dog” don’t feed them your chocolate bars!

Other things we consider safe food may not be healthy and downright lethal for dogs. Some mushrooms, for example, could cause (liver, kidney, and damage, or abdominal pain) plus while garlic is especially good for us, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea in poor Fido.

Little known common toxic foods for dogs

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Xylitol, a sugar substitute, can cause a -SEVERE- sudden drop in blood glucose – look for signs of insulin overdose and low blood sugar; like staggering, weakness, seizures and even coma. Some products containing this sweetener is Sugar-Free gum, some baked products, and toothpaste.

  1. Fabric Softeners

The reactions can be extremely DANGEROUS to them. The chemical substances to stop clothes from clinging. Do not dry dog toys using softeners, as dogs and puppies may chew on these. Plus a tiny piece of fabric softener if ingested can cause vomiting, muscle twitching, and excessive drooling.

  1. Grapes/Raisins

Only 6 or 7 grapes (or raisins) can cause some terrible side effects… One of the biggest is Kidney Failure – but it varies from dog to dog and even today vets DON’T KNOW what causes this. It’s certainly a little-known substance in grape skins and/or possibly chemical sprays used in growing grapes.

  1. Lilies

A popular flower which grows in the USA and in our homes and gardens. There are well-known toxic Easter Lilies, also Tiger Lilies, Japanese Show Lily, Rubrum, and Stargazer. LILIES equal TOXINS Leading to kidney problems, vomiting, diarrhea, and heart conditions.

To recap, please don’t assume because it’s safe for humans to eat, it may not be for dogs. Often dogs may eat things we find disgusting, understanding how your dog digest foods. May help to prevent very serious and even deadly health issues!

Recommended or Not recommended Dog Foods: Can My Dog Eat That?

Dog foods info graphic
Dog foods infographic

Please check above the toxic foods for dogs info-graphic that I’ve put together a comprehensive list and easy to follow recommended dog foods and not recommended dog foods. 

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