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Pet Health: Is Raw Food Dangerous For Your Pet?

Raw Foods Dangerous For Your Pet

Raw food materials are becoming very popular among dog food owners these days. It is a common belief that raw food diet are more natural and healthful for pets. Even though will the raw food for pets will be harmful to pets and their owners are the common topic discussed among the pet owners these days.

Many people used to believe that feeding their pet’s raw food will be healthier for them. But in the BMJ journal, it is stated that raw material intake is dangerous for both the pets and their owners. The pets are meant to eat very exclusive raw food materials. Not every raw meal material is good for them and their health. Here are a few reasons why raw foods materials are dangerous for your pet’s health:

Raw food cats
Raw food cats

Risky for Health

The food sources which contain a high amount of poisonous chemicals are meat, bones, milk, and other animal products like cheese etc. The pets are mostly fed on them. Even red meat is considered very essential for dog pets. But in reality, the red meat, as well as other meats like chicken, are declared as carcinogenic. They increase the risk of cancer as well as causes trouble for pets to process their diet. Because of the very high level of protein in them, they may cause digestion problems and may develop sensitivities in them. 

Not well regulated

The raw material diets are not considered as the best nutritionally balanced diets. They contain less amount of calcium, low phosphorous, extra Vitamin A, and excess of Vitamin D amongst other imbalances (AVMA). Such imbalances in nutrition cause health problems in pets over time. Like humans, pets also need the proper balance of nutrients and minerals for their healthy well-being. So, this imbalanced nutrition could never play a safe play with pet’s health as they can’t for humans.


Mostly the stored chicken, edible bones, and organs from cattle, chicken, lamb, turkey, pigs, ducks, reindeer, or salmon are tainted by feces. Many bacteria start growing on them. Even when you feed your pets with “human grade” raw meat, it has chances to transmit potentially harmful bacteria to your pets. There are many pathogens that can be there in raw meat including Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter. And many other pathogens that can infect raw meat are Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, Cryptosporidium, Echinococcus, Clostridium, Neospora, and Sarcocystis.  

Even there is one of the bacteria called ‘Listeria Bacteria” which is commonly found in uncooked meats, vegetables, soft cheese, and unpasteurized milk. Unlike the other ones, this bacteria likes to grow in cold places and even can grow and feast in the refrigerator. The same is the case with the meat provided to the pets for feeding them. So, if the raw meat is not properly treated to eradicate such bacteria and infections. Then you might be feeding your pets with the potentially harmful pathogens. Which can cause serious illness in your pets and even in you or in your family.

Cause internal puncture

Raw food diet
Raw food diet

The most common pets especially, the dogs are not as wolves and the cats are not tigers. Who would be able to eat the special raw meat and bones easily. These bones have such potential to block an animal and even can break teeth and or can cause internal rupture or puncture. So, it’s always better to feed pets on processed raw diets which contain blends of grains, vegetables, and several vitamins along with the raw meat. Such diets are available both in frozen and freeze-dried which can be easily purchased from the grocery stores. 

Cause severe Allergies

The most common food allergies reported in pets like rashes itching, dryness, fur loss, constipation, gas, vomiting, loose stool eye discharge, and many more are caused by chicken, beef, dairy, and egg. Because most of the pets are allergic to animal proteins. So, by feeding them on proteins gives exposure to them towards such allergies which becomes serious health concerns. And such health concerns compromise the immune system which leads to the serious illnesses mostly. 


In the present day, the pet’s food is also lovingly placed in the refrigerators next to the peanut butter. As well as, their meat-free vegetables are also cooked along with the dishes cooked for the other family members. If you are preparing raw animal food for your pets. This humanization trend will put you and your family at risk. So, isn’t it safer for you to feed your pets also on the healthy safer food along with yours? However, the raw food is considered dangerous for both the pets and it’s owner.

Prepare healthy food for your pets along with yours after proper research to keep them healthy along with you!

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