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Pet Carriers And Crates For Dogs

We all travel need pet carriers and crates for dogs more often. Measuring a dog size is so much important. In the case of buying accessories like carrier, crate, bed, dress one’s face some difficulties to measure actual size. Even a dog’s size varies for different airlines. But measuring a dog’s size is too much easy. You can measure your dog size in your home following some easy steps. Here we arrange some steps for measuring your dog size. This will help you to measure your dog size for a carrier, crate, and bed.
Measuring your Dog’s Size for Dog Carriers:
For measuring dog size, you have to follow two major steps.

• Backbone Length: you have to start from the front of the neck to the last point of its tail. Then sum up 2.5-3 inches to adjust the perfect length.
• Shoulder Height: now you have to start from the ground to the top of the shoulder. Then follow the steps written below.

dog carriers crates size measurements
dog carriers crates size measurements

– For tiny or small size dog/toy sum up 1 inch for adjustment.
– For a soft-sided dog, carriers sum up 2.5 to 3 inches for adjustment.
– For this hard-sided dog, carriers sum up 3-5 inches for adjustment.
While measuring, if you find the measurements are between two units, then prefer the bigger one. Weight is not helpful for measuring dog’s, it will only for guidelines. Keep in mind, never excels the weight capacity of your dog’s carrier. For slings, make sure your dog will never face a lack of space & for rallies which role on two wheels, make sure your dog has enough space and comfort while rolling. Following these steps will confirm your dog to stand up, lay down & turn around comfortably.obviously you should make sure of enough spaces but also keep in mind, a dog is a cavern animal that feels comfortable and secure in a secure area.

Choosing Dog size for Pet Carriers & Crates:

This is a little bit difficult for an owner to build a perfectly fitted crate for his dog. it is important to measure the perfect size of your dog for a perfect crate. those steps may help you with this
Length: measure from the front of the nose to the last point of the tail.

• Height 1: measure from the ground to the top of the shoulder
• Height 2: measure from the ground to the top of the front leg.
Width: measure the highest width place like ear or middle of the belly. Start from one side to another side.

measure dog size for pet carriers and crates
measure dog size for pet carriers and crates

After measuring sum up 2-3 inch with every data for adjustment and spacing & compare with the list which is given below:

Dog Crate Sizes:

Extra small crate:

• Size: 24L*18W*21H, 24L*18W*19H
• Weight: 1lb-10lbs

Small crate:

• Size: 24L*18W*21H, 24L*18W*19H
• Weight: 11lbs-25lbs

Medium crate:

• Size: 30L*21W*24H, 30L*19W*21H
• Weight: 26lbs-40lbs

Large crate: Large Dog Carrier

• Size: 36L*24W*27H, 36L*23W*25H
• Weight: 41lbs-70lbs

Extra large crate:

• Size: 42L*28W*31H, 42L*28W*30H
• Weight: 71lbs-90lbs

Double Extra large crate:

• Size: 46L*30W*33H
• Weight: 90lbs-upper

Choosing Carrier size for airlines:
Many questions come out of our mind while choosing a carrier to fly in the air. here we manage some rules and regulations for some well-known airlines .sizes and requirements vary for different airlines. At first, you have to note that some airlines never accept a plastic bag, they only accept the metal crate. So prefer metal crates for airlines.

A common need for Dog Travel Crate:

Pet Carriers And Crates For Dog
Pet Carriers And Crates For Dog

• Must be big enough for standing up, turning around and laying down
• Should be fitted under the seat
• Should not any leak or escape and should have at least 2 sides ventilation system
• Should have a metal body.
Should have the size given by the airlines which are listed below:

o Air Tran Regulations: 17”W * 12”D * 8.5” H
o Allegiant Air Regulations: 16”W * 19”D * 9
o Alaska Airlines Regulations: Hard-sided kennel: 17”W * 12”D *7.5”H, Soft-sided carrier: 17”W * 12”D * 9.5”H” H
o American Airlines Regulations: 19″W * 13″D * 9″ H
o Jet Blue Airlines Regulations: 17”W *12.5”D * 8.5” H
o Spirit Airlines Regulations: 18″W * 14″D * 9″H
o USAir Regulations: Hard-sided carriers: 17”W * 16”D * 8”H, Soft-sided carriers: 17”W * 16”D * 10”H

An oversized and undersized pet carrier & crates aren’t comfortable for your dog. Even airlines will reuse your dog if oversized. So measure it correctly. Hope this post will help you to measure your dog size.

FAQ’s of Pet Crates & Carriers

Can a pet carrier be used as a crate?

Yes, a plastic pet carrier can be used as a crate. It is seen in most airline travel. If it’s big enough, it can easily move and sleep.

What size dog fits in a 36-inch crate?

Crete Size Approximate Weight
30′ (76.2 cm) Under 40 lbs
36′ (91.44 cm) Under 70 lbs
42′ (106.68 cm) Under 90 lbs
46′-72′ (116.84 cm to 182.88 cm)90 lbs up to 150 lbs

How long can a dog stay in a carrier?

Your dog carrier should be the appropriate size for it’s comfortable. Staying in a carrier depends on the duration of road trip. It may for 2 hours or 30 hours.


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