Nepal’s Controversial Slaughter Festival

Nepal’s Controversial Slaughter Festival

Nepal’s Controversial Slaughter Festival

Slaughtering animals is considered a crime for every reason other than eating in most societies of the world. But there are some societies in the world where animals are poorly slaughtered openly in public on the name of festivals. One such notorious festival has been celebrating in Nepal a controversial slaughter festival where almost half a million animals are slaughter every year on the name of the festival; such a pity. This is the height of cruelty on animals and probably the biggest example of it in the modern world. This festival has been celebrated in Nepal every year under the supervision of the Gadhimai Temple in Nepal.

The good news for animals’ rights activists is that this year the temple has decided not to slaughter any animal in Nepal at this festival. This has been the official statement of the Temple. The announcement was basically the outcome of the decision taken by the Indian Supreme Court. Which banns the animals from being sheep or shepherd across the border to be killed as offerings. The international animal rights activists had been raising a movement against the event for years and now they have their desired result.

The chairman of the Gadhimai Temple stated that “With your help, we can ensure that the festival in 2019 will be free from bloodshed. Moreover, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is a momentous celebration of life.”

Nepal’s Controversial Slaughter Festival :

The animal rights activists called this a great move leading towards a better future. They thought it to be a tremendous victory for compassion. The hardest task is yet to be complete. Which is to educate people about animal rights in these two years almost. This is to be noted that in 2009, more than 500,000 goats, chickens, and buffaloes. Along with other animals were slaughter cruelly in Nepal.

The festival, which dates back about 265 years and which some say has even more ancient roots. It is based on a dream founder Bhagwan Chowdhary had featuring Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power. In the dream, Gadhimai demanded a sacrifice after freeing Chowdhary from prison, promising power and prosperity in return. Chowdhary prepared an animal offering, establishing a legacy of tradition and blood that would last nearly three centuries.

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