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is my dog depressed

Is my dog depressed or sick? It’s one of the most common questions. Depression is not just limited to humans only; it can bury its claws into the world’s most lovable creatures as well, such as dogs. A lot of people think that depressed owners pass on their moods to their pets, but that is not the case, otherwise service dogs would be the first to fall prey to this monster.

why is my dog depressed
Is your dog depressed?

As hard as it may seem that there is depression hiding behind that wildly wagging tail, the truth of the matter is that it could be and you need to learn how to deal depression in your dog just like with a human. This happens because like humans, dogs too are emotionally intelligent beings and experience a wide spectrum of emotions. So read ahead how to deal with depression in dogs:

Why Is My Dog Depressed?

So why do dogs experience depression and why are you supposed to learn how to deal with depression in them? Bouts of depression may be brought on by major changes in the lives of your pet. Usually dog depression is brought on by the death of an owner or another animal companion. They can also get depressed if they suddenly start feeling neglected. Since dogs are capable of picking up the anxiety, sadness, and depression of the people around them, that too can contribute to dog depression. Dogs can also experience depression due to an underlying medical condition, like an injury due to an accident, trauma or a sudden change in their daily routine. In order to learn how to deal with the depression of this kind, simply pay a visit to your veterinarian.

Symptoms & Signs of Dog Depression

In order to learn how to deal with depression in dogs, you need to learn how to identify it. Some of the major symptoms of depression in dogs involve becoming withdrawn, low energy, loss of interest and a sudden change in sleep patterns. In a few cases, the dog may suddenly start seeming anxious or display aggression along with howling or whining.

How To Treat Dog Depression?

The best news in this scenario is that dogs can overcome depression faster than humans can, and at most, they do it on their own. It might take a few days or a month for them to snap out of it, but with the help of a loving and attentive owner, they do it none the less. But if you are still having trouble in how to deal with depression in dogs, just:

  • Give your dog maximum attention, whenever you can. Don’t pet them while they are having one of their depressive episodes, wait for them to snap out of it and have their tail wagging again. Then reward their effort with a long wanted show of affection.
  • Don’t let your dog mope around for days, keep them engaged in activities which they used to enjoy previously as well. Take them to the part to play and interact with other people and pets.
  • If you feel the depression is due to the loss of another animal companion, then get another one. If that is not possible, then shower all that extra attention and love on the one left behind. Pamper them with walks and visits to the park. However, if your dog is refusing to snap out of its depression- then its time for medication.
So there you have it- everything you need to know about how to deal with depression in dogs.

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