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Is My Dog Bored or Depressed?

Is my dog bored or depressed? The main cause of boredom for your dog is restricting him to your home for long periods of time and depriving him of his natural inclination to be a social and inquisitive creature. Therefore it is inevitable that dog behavior problems will stem from being deprived of exercise, mental stimulation and social contact.

Do Dogs Get Bored at Home All Day

Dogs love the opportunity to move freely, investigate, scent, mark territory, socialize with other dogs. Moreover, they would love to mate, hunt food and wee and poo wherever they like, however, for the responsible dog owner this is not possible.

My dog is depressed what should I do

There are many things you can do to prevent your dog’s boredom, here are just a few ideas. Remember preventing your dog from being bored can stop many unwanted canine behavior problems.

Walk your dog at least once a day for thirty minutes to an hour.

Let your dog run free off his lead whenever you can if this is not possible to use a long lead (about three to four meters)

Socialize your dog with other dogs as much as possible, also if you can socialize your dog while off his lead all the better. Dogs love the company of one another where they can get the opportunity to run and play

Play with your puppy or dog as often as you can.

Train your, its good for his mental agility, dogs love to work

Join an agility group socialize, exercise and stimulate your dog.

If your in a position where you have to go out to work consider the following options.

Get a companion for your dog, another dog perhaps leaves your dog with a friend. Take your dog to work if it’s possible.

Consider getting a dog flap to allow your dog to come in and out of the house. Be considerate to your neighbors though, will your dog likely bark all day. Will there be potential for your dog to escape?


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