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India’s Controversial Bull Fighting Festival

Bull Fighting Festival

You might be new to this but yes; there is a bullfighting festival celebrated in India as well. This is all new things for those who ought to thought and relate the bullfighting with Spain only. The bullfighting carnival in India has a history of centuries and this festival is celebrated by many before it was banned by the Indian government. This festival is very popular in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. This is called “Jallikattu” locally which means “bull-taming”. It seems horrible for animals just by the meaning of it.

It is usually held in January to celebrate the winter harvest just like the summer harvest. This was a plan but the ban which was actually imposed in 2011 came into effect so the festival was canceled. But the news from the center is that the Tamil Nadu government has lifted the ban from the festival citing cultural reasons. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalallitha said that the event upholds the cultural values of the state. This statement has not been well received the animal rights activist around the globe. The sentiment of the Chief Minister was not shared by the animal rights activist who rightly says that the event is abusive and should not be called a cultural sport.

Fadjen, a rescued fighting bull, enjoys some scritches 

Source Video: https://imgur.com/gallery/xBL20tv

The festival sees young men chase and wrestle bulls. Although the animals are not killed like in traditional Spanish bullfighting, it has been suggested that they are fed alcohol and spayed with chili powder.

Bull Fighting Festival Is the game that harms people but its really entertaining games. All are we like butt fighting festival. What is your opinion about these games?


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