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Important Things You Need to Bring Along When Going on a Road Trip with Your Cat

Important Things You Need to Bring Along When Going on a Road Trip with Your Cat

Cats are usually territorial animals and they usually do not enjoy traveling. This is true in principle but it is not always the case. There are cats who, by temperament or because they are used to it from a very young age (but in any case there must be a certain predisposition of character) do not suffer if they are moved from their environment. If you are lucky enough to be a pet parent to a cat who loves the outdoors and going on car rides, then you may consider a road trip with your cat.

However, even the most accommodate pet needs supplies on the road and things that will keep it safe. Without further ado, the following are things you need to bring along for an awesome road trip with your cat .

The Pet Carrier

Pet carriers and crates for dogs
Pet carriers and crates for dogs

Cats must travel safely, so always put them in the pet carrier, especially if it’s in a public space where there is a chance of getting hurt or lost. There are a lot of types of cat carriers in the market.  Get a carrier with large enough space for your cat to move around a bit. Furthermore, given the rising temperatures and extended hot seasons, it’s best to choose a fairly ventilated model.

Motion Sickness Medication

The cat generally does not like to travel, especially by car. But sometimes there may be a need to take it to the vet or take a trip. Unfortunately, cats can also suffer from motion sickness, the so-called car sickness that affects many kids and some adults. When traveling by car, you can cover the pet carrier with a blanket so as to better muffle the noises and lights.

Be careful never to leave it alone in the car for any reason, even if it is a short stop and especially in the summer months. Obviously it would be better to get the cats used to the car from a young age. Cerenia for cats suffering from motion sickness is a helpful drug whose active substance is maropitant citrate, which has antiemetic power and can be given to dogs and cats suffering from motion sickness.

Anti-Stress Spray or Diffuser

There are sprays and diffusers that can help cats calm down. They use pheromones to create a sense of familiarity and can come really handy when out on the road with your cat. When using a spray, apply a little inside the pet carrier, while the diffuser can be practically inserted in an outlet of the house or the environment where you will be staying for the holidays (it looks like any other diffuser). However, it helps  your cat to settle down when on vacation and enjoy it without stress.

Favorite Toy

A favorite toy can really help in making your cat feel comfortable when in new territories. For this to work you need to pick a toy that you know your cat enjoys.

Bowls for Water and Food

Even if you are on vacation, try not to alter your cat’s eating habits too much. So bring a supply of its usual food from home. Also, remember to bring airtight containers and bowls. They are an absolute lifesaver as they can be used to store snacks and even home cooked meals for your cat.

Preventives and Cat Meds

It’s critical to create a small first aid bag. It should not only contain cat-friendly items to treat injuries, but also contain preventives and medications. For instance, packing a few cat antibiotics is a good idea. However, just be sure to consult the vet before administering any prescription cat medication.

How to Manage Feline Car Sickness?

Considering that cats can also suffer from motion sickness or car sickness, it is first of all necessary to understand what is causing the sickness. Taking frequent breaks and not overfeeding your cat before the journey are good places to start.  During the journey, if the cat continues to meow and appears restless, it is better to ignore it for a while, as it can be cry for attention and not an indication of sickness. As mentioned above, carry motion sickness medication for cats to treat issues on the road.

Tips to Make Your Cat Feel Comfortable

  1. It’s best to avoid feeding your cat 6 to hours before the journey.
  2. If the journey is long, dry snacks such as croquettes can be given in small quantities.
  3. If your cat is particularly agitated, you can cover the pet carrier with a cloth to prevent your pet from viewing what’s going on outside. This will reduce the number of stimuli and thus reduce stress.
  4. You can put your cat’s favorite toys (if it’s small enough)  in the carrier to help it feel at home.
  5. Carrying a blanket your cat likes can help your pet feel more comfortable and protected
  6. In case of high temperatures, it is recommended to often wet the muzzle and the forehead to keep your cat cool.  Don’t shy away from turning on the AC on full blast and never leave your cat in the car, even if it’s for a few minutes.
  7. If the cat is particularly agitated or if she doesn’t like traveling by car, we recommend asking the veterinarian for help before you leave.


Cats if they are accustomed to car rides can be good companions even when traveling long distances. Make sure you familiarize your cat with your car and the crate before leaving for a long trip. Animal behaviorists can help in offering vital recommendations on how to keep your pet calm when out on the road.

Be sure to book good cat-friendly accommodations and ensure there is plenty of food and water. Avoid planning a hectic road trip by taking breaks. Remember an anxious cat is a dangerous cat. Therefore, if you spot any sign of anxiety or stress. Stop the car and do what you can to calm your pet.

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