Playing with your dog

Do you know how to play with dogs? To the dogs, they love to play with their peers and with their human friends. It is a need that arises after 3 weeks of birth and lasts all of life.

Because although in old age this activity descends, it never ceases.Playing with your dogs

Thanks to the game dogs better understand their environment, know how things work, learn to respect others, follow the basic rules of behavior … Playing learn to control their strength and their instincts, to react properly to stimuli that arise around him. They socialize, adapt to the environment and develop important skills and abilities that can help them improve their lives.

playing with dogs

On the other hand, the game is the best way to exercise, to vent and release all the accumulated energy. In case that energy is not released, it can generate serious problems of stress and anxiety or turn our pet into a destructive, violent animal.

how to play with dogs
The Running Dog

In addition, playing with your dog will reinforce the bond that exists between both, favoring coexistence and mutual respect.

Why do dogs play “biting”?

It is common to see dogs play among themselves taking small bites. When this happens we should not be alarmed, because for them it is just a way of playing and socializing. The mouth is the main tool of the dogs and they use it for everything, that is why they like to play with it, bite their toys, shake them, pull them.

play with the dog
Dog playing

Also, when they are puppies, biting helps them to know everything that surrounds them, curiosity pushes them to nibble anything they find around them, even in the hands of the owner. We can not correct this behavior, but we must educate it so that it learns to contain the force of its bites and does not do it in an uncontrolled way. For this, we will have to provide specific toys, such as teethers, and teach them how to use them.

How should I play with my dog?

Remember that by playing we can teach you discipline and respect. Therefore, when we are puppies we must take advantage of the moments of play to educate and show that we have control. We must not allow it to impose itself and do whatever it pleases, because in the long term that can generate problems of coexistence and obedience.

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Play with dogs: A Simple Guideline

  • When you go to give him a toy throw it in the air, if you give it to his mouth, he can interpret that he has taken it from you and that he is in control.
  • Show him that the game ends when you wish.
  • Do not go behind him to take a toy, you must teach him to bring it to you or to be the one who chases you.
  • If you play the “tug of war” with a toy, you must be the one who takes the lead and who gets to keep the object, or else he will think that he is stronger and that he can with you.
  • If you notice that he adopts a violent or too temperamental attitude, interrupt the game.
  • To play quietly take him to a place away from the city and the road, where he has a good stretch of land to run and jump freely, without danger. A relaxed and open-air environment will increase your satisfaction and the ability to put your skills into practice without hindrance.
  • If you see that your pet feels devotion for a particular game, let him practice it. Some dogs feel passion for the frisbee, others love to run for a ball … If it is a very active dog you can try activities such as agility.

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