How To Clean Dog Ears at Home Perfectly

how to clean dog ears at home

Let’s know how to clean dog ears at home perfectly. We all love our friend. Even a friend like our pet as like a dog, cat, rabbit. But no one likes nasty odor around himself. Dogs are the wild animal. They get dirty sooner than human. Some bad smell grows on their body at the time of they getting dirty. So, some necessary clean-up needed with a certain period. When we talk about dog grooming that mentions us some specific topics like we want them to smell clean, look clean & appear well kept.

how to clean a dog's ears with infection

Amongst all part of your body ear is the most important part which is needed to clean immediately. Now a question comes up in your mind. Why? OK. I will discuss this in the next step. First, dogs have a very sensitive ear which is needed to maintain regularly for preventing infection. Second, Dogs don’t want to clean their ear, so you have to do some work for this. Third, Serious damage will occur if you do it in the wrong process.

How Can I Treat My Dogs Ear Infection at Home

Here we manage some tips & process for cleaning a dog ear at home. Hope it will help both of you and your dog.

Why You clean your dog’s ear?

The dog has a 5-10cm long ear canal which very long. It has a right-angled bend, so hard material goes inside easily but difficult to go out. Even if water goes into a dog’s ear don’t go out easily which can make an infection. The ear canal has a moist and dark environment, so infection causes quickly there. Ear cleaning will be a regular routine if your dog will swim. Those dogs have allergic skin will benefit from ear cleaning. So, this is recommended that at least one time clean your dog’s ear in a week.

What do you need for cleaning your dog’s ears?

  • Ear cleanser (Get it from Below)
  • Cotton wool
  • Treats

Which ear cleanser is better?

There are numerous kinds of ear cleaner in the market. You should use the best quality cleaner for your dog. Never use olive oil, shampoo, vinegar in your dog’s ear, which will be harmful to your dog. Avoid poking with a cotton stick or any other thing like that. We recommended you an ear cleanser. You can use this for a good result.

How To Clean a Dogs Ears With Infection? (8 Steps)

You should have to check your dog first. does your dog have very red, inflamed, itchy & painful ears? If yes, then go to the vet first before cleaning. Because it is likely the dog has an infection. So, ear cleaning isn’t suitable at this time. If not then you are ready for ear cleaning. Find a suitable place in your house for cleaning because ear cleaning is dirty work. Then follow the steps.

  • Treat your dog for sitting & show him the cleaner
  • Catch & hold his ear flap and fulfill the ear with ear cleanser. hold the ear upwards for some minutes.
  • Massage the ear & its nearest point for mixing the liquid. this will help the liquid to get inside the canal.
  • After 20 sec massaging, stand back.
  • Treat your dog for shaking his head perfectly
  • Take some cotton wool & clean the ear hole until it looks clean
  • Repeat the whole process for the second ear
  • The main key to this process is the use of a large amount of cleaner. as much as you use, you will get a better result. This cleaner will wipe out dust from the ear.

How does an infected dog ear look like?

How Can I Treat My Dogs Ear Infection at Home- A helpful video for clean dogs ears

The ear is the part where the dog can’t scratch, he will depend mostly on you for this. So regular ear cleaning will protect your dog from infection. I hope, this post will help you with cleaning.

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