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History of Police Dogs

Do you know the history of police dogs? Initially, dogs were used to hunt, evacuate, and maintain camps and settlements. In some countries dogs are used for military purposes and community control, especially to control slaves and protect specific people. In the fifth century BC, different communities adopted this strategy. Iranians, Greeks, Assyrians, and Babylonians recognized the use of war dogs and put dogs on the front lines of their infantry forces to attack the enemy during the war.

The Romans used dogs both in war and in internal controls. After the fall of Rome, the use of dogs to suppress criminals and exterminators was somewhat reduced. During the Spanish invasion of America with unprecedented violence, the use of military dogs was restored.

Police Dogs
Source: wikipedia.org

At the time of the British arrival in Jamestown, which was intended to overthrow the indigenous population, it resulted in the deaths of four. Most of them were attacked by hunting dogs of the Hun and Mastiff dogs. At the time of the American Revolution, the use of dogs to suppress people was diminished, although some politicians, most notably Benjamin Franklin, believed that dogs should be used against Indians. In Benjamin Franklin’s suggestion, Joel Pointe approved the purchase of four Baldavand collars from Baku to suppress the Indians and prevent slaves from escaping to western Florida and Louisiana. At the same time, the Baldavand race was regularly used to capture and prevent slaves from escaping. During the Civil War, this race was also used in the Allied regiments.

The Nazis used various races in the concentration camps for the most horrific persecution and torture. Each camp had its own military dogs during World War II. Dogs were trained to attack prisoners and transfer them to prisons and gas chambers.

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers used dogs to light up tunnels and caves in Witkang, and to find landmines and hidden traps. Statistics show that two dogs were used in the Vietnam War for military munitions, leaving only four Vietnamese dogs and many of these dogs, who were in Whitecan tortured.

The use of dogs to control riots began by police. The Germans used German Shepherd dogs for this purpose. They didn’t just use this race to create fear and fear. This breed was very powerful, and at the time of the attack, its teeth acted as scissors, easily tearing the flesh, and the effects of gas scars were usually permanent.

In addition to using dogs to control riots, these animals have been used in police forces to detect drugs, explosives, track, guard, search and detect, rescue and more. Dogs have gone through a long process of becoming police dogs, they are doing well for all kinds of work, whether security or law enforcement, as dogs are now one of the most important operational tools of the police and Reliable member of police teams well trained and active


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