Have Benefit by Protecting Animal Rights

Protecting Animal Rights

Have Benefit by Protecting Animal Rights

All the creatures in this world have some rights. Some of them are inherit and some of them are designate. When to talk about rights, the first word or phrase come to our mind is human rights which obviously are the most important form of animal rights in this world. There has been a lot of talk about human rights has been going and rightly so but sometimes, due to lack of importance, we often forget about the basic fundamental rights of animals. The world has to believe on animal rights as well. Now the question arises that is there a choice to either protect animals or humans?

Now this question is for those people who hurt animals for their own profit. This has been the truth that now everything counts on profit and loss no matter what harm it is doing to the basic fundamental rights. The animal experimentation believers employ the fallacy of a false statement that we can either preserve animal or human rights; we cannot have both at a time so one of them should be sacrifice.

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They conclude from this fallacy that either we can do experiments on a mouse or some animals or to some human child so they take the first option. We need to know that the human plight is inextricably tie with that of animals.  We forget to look on the other side of the picture which narrates that a big portion of the most significant and urgent public health issues the present man is facing is link with treating animals badly according to researches. The reason includes domestic violence, infectious diseases pandemics, environmental and climatic change, and medical science failure.

Protecting pet Rights

Examples of Impacts of Poor Animal Treatment

  • Animal abuse is the prominent indicator of domestic violence. Child abuse is also an outcome of this. The abusers not only abuse humans but also there animal members of family which gave them there only source of comfort in most of the cases. So, if animals are ignore that it may be the case. That we are ignoring our children which can be abused as well.
  • The unprecedented consumption of animal meat, eggs and dairy products has proven to be hazardous for everybody. Animals which are raise for food lives mostly in poor conditions. This in turn produces diseases like bird flu in them.
  • The wildlife trade of animals is also harming their fundamental rights. Billions of animals are sold every year live or in body parts as exotic pets, entertainment for circuses and zoos, food, skins, ornamental or medicinal objects and for experimentation. They suffer heavily in this dealing. Often this dealing can produce highly harmful pathogens which led to the emergence and development of HIV/AIDS, Ebola and Monkey Pots.
  • The animals are also experiment to tackle the above mention diseases without knowing that if we provide a good environment to the animals, many of these diseases will not even emerge. Under the name of research and banner of human welfare, animals are treated in the best possible cruel manner like poison, infected and burned etc. They experiments does not keep one thing in mind the result of these are experiments might not applicable over animals.

Protecting Animal Rights

  • On the positive side, when we strive to help animals by reducing their numbers in experimentation. Pets replacing their use with non-animal research methods. We discover testing methods that more successfully predict human reactions to toxins and drugs. In this way, we can preserve animals. These human-based testing methods are proving to be better at protecting people from harmful chemicals. Than animal experiments, as well as providing the answers we need to find effective treatments and cures for the diseases that ail us.


The essence of writing whole above thing is that what’s good for animal rights. It is what’s good for humans so stop violating their rights. If we reduce our animal consumption then it might become the reason to make your lifestyle better. There less consumption will decrease the factory farms where animals are produce ad keep under miserable conditions. This in turn can help us avoid pandemics and limit further destruction of our environment.

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