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Great Danes as Guard Dogs: Are Great Danes Protective?

Can we consider Great Danes as guard dogs? Are Great Danes protective? These are the most common questions for potential Great Danes adopters.

Can I Choose Great Danes as Guard Dogs for The Family?

To answer these questions, you need to know what the definition of a guard dog is. Generally, what is the difference between a real guard dog, a family guard dog or a watchdog? Many people have a mistaken definition of a guard dog.

Guard Dog:

A dog trained to protect commercial property, a home full of valuables (banks, museums, etc.) or a quarantined and secret area (prisons military and political…), To prevent the entry and exit of transgressors and strangers. This group of guard dogs has been trained to attack anything or anyone that comes within their protected area and territory. Unfortunately, this method of training can pose a serious threat to innocent people, children, and even animals.

Great Danes as Guard Dogs
Great Danes as Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are also trained for breeding and guarding and are generally used for breeds that are instinctively more aggressive than the Great Dane and have less social interaction. Once this ethnic group is placed in their guard, they have only one command and that is pure protection. For these guard dogs, there is no command or control except the trainer (owner) and they do not communicate with other people. They automatically attack any creature that enters the protection area.

The real guard dogs are very aggressive, their natural nature is defense and protection, with very limited social behavior. They react more instinctively and usually only have one person to control them, so guard dogs are not a good choice for children, family members, dogs, and other pets.

Why isn’t Great Dane a proper candidate for a Guard Dog?

For centuries, breeders have been trying to make the dog Dane a companion dog and fit with the modern world. To the extent that having a high social character and temperament has always been friendly and trustworthy, it has become an international standard. And that is the reason that does not allow Great Dane to be a real guard dog.

Great Dane is perfect for being a guard dog. But if you prefer to derail your Great Dane from international standards, they can undoubtedly have some of the characteristics of real guard dogs!


Includes a wide range of breeds, from very small to very large. Small breeds like toy breed, miniature pincer, object air, etc. Great breeds like Great Dane, St. Bernard, Greater Swiss Mountain, etc. The watchdogs have similarities, they bark, roar and snarl when the environment is out of order. They kill and, in this way, warn the owner of the presence of an intruder. The use of Great Danes as guard dogs a watchdog is good because it can easily escape aggressors with its large body, high body strength, and strong barking.

Great Dane with great hearing and smelling power immediately senses the presence of strangers, with that big body slowly approaching and looking at the focused person (staring) and suddenly moving with a strong, fast-moving Persian, which causes the aggressor can become immobile like a rock. This is a process that Great Dane must do to protect and protect. No attack, no harm, and just deterrence. In a nutshell, well-educated Dane has a very social attitude and aggression does not present unexpected attacks. They are instinctively successful dogs’ insight.

Family Guard Dogs:

There are dogs with a high level of social behavior. They are the perfect companion for family members and tolerate children’s behavior with kindness, patience, play, and fun, communicate well with other pets, and protect you and your family tremendously. They treat all strangers, even children of the neighbor, with caution.

The Great Dane mood is ideal for being a human companion if you decide to choose a dog to become a new member of your family. This race is the best candidate. Great Dane as a family guard dog is very suitable for home security. Growing up in a family environment, she has a very calm and friendly manner with children and other animals.

Many people mistakenly refer to Great Dane’s cautious attitude toward strangers as fear and low self-esteem, while their high physical strength, large body and strong barking are extremely threatening and extremely deterrent. It is an invader and the strangers, of course, like all other creatures, are aware of their ability.

Obviously, the Great Dane with these abilities can be well trained as a guard dog to protect people.

Can Great Danes as guard Become a Threatening and Dangerous Dog?

The first thing to consider about Great Dane is that he is also a dog and all dogs are capable of attacking and biting, except that the Great Dane’s size is far Great Dane than other dogs.

The belief most people have about Great Dane’s behavior, personality, and temperament is derived from the pseudonym on this race (Gentle Giant). However, Great Dane can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to danger to its puppies or their guardian environment. Also when surrounded by children and young strangers and very excited not to show kindness and calm. Of course, most of the violent behaviors that have been reported by the Great Dane so far have all been accidental rather than offensive and harassing.

In fact, the behavior of a dog is directly related to the behavior and training that the dog owner has adopted since birth. Knowing this, the owners of the Great Dane must train these future giants from an early age in order to develop a sociable and controllable behavior in them. Because it will be difficult for them to make a behavior change when they are fully grown, and it will be extremely difficult to control a dog with such a large body and high weight (1 to 2 kg).

Note: If you are a very large-sized religious creature, it is best to sniff out your dog every time you look at it with a focused look and take a threatening look, as soon as it is most likely There is a lot of violence and aggression in them.

Strangers who dare to enter a male-dominated environment and ignore warnings should know that this race is extremely fast-paced and extremely predatory when defending its territory. Owners to rescue such people be sure to line up on the danger sign!


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