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Golden Dog: Golden Retriever Facts- You Never Knew About golden Retriever Dog Breeds

Some Golden Retriever Facts- You Never Knew About golden Retriever Dog Breeds

Hello golden dog lovers, today, I’m talking about golden retriever dog breeds, some interesting golden retriever facts. The dog breed Golden Retriever or also called “Golden Collector” is a breed of dog that developed in the United Kingdom and more specifically in Scotland around Scotland in 1850. The Golden Retriever is also appropriate to call it “the golden treasure at the end” of the rainbow “and is one of the most popular dogs in the world. As an ideal dog for all occasions and as a hunting dog, the Golden offers something to any person or to all tendencies.

The magnificent breeding within its line carried out by Tweedmouth settled the sufficiency qualities of their yellow hunting dogs, and many generations later, the Golden Retrievers remain the most variable of the hunting dog breeds. In addition to being very intelligent and capable, they are still as devoted to their masters as the dogs of yesteryear. His talent has no equal, and the Golden Retriever stands out today in all disciplines. The Golden Retriever’s temperament is as attractive as its fur and is considered an ideal family dog ​​for all ages.

Particularities of the golden dog race

His versatility, intelligence, friendly character, joy, training, elegance, beauty and skillful hunting dog with tracking skills have made this race passionate to millions of people. But the fact that the Golden Retriever is an ideal dog, not every person is the ideal owner. Maybe you love dogs and have a weakness for this breed, but love alone is not enough. Get an overview before bringing a Golden Retriever to your home.

He has a friendly disposition and is eager to please, an attitude that has made him the third most popular family breed by registration in the United States, the fifth most popular in Australia, and the eighth-most popular breed in the United Kingdom. A Golden Retriever, due to its characteristics, is considered a good dog for active people who love sports and outdoor activities. It is also suitable for families, especially if they have a garden or live near the field.

Active and Big Golden Dog

Ultimately, this active and big dog will delight anyone who has fun playing with his dog, especially the ball or any “Fetch” game that involves carrying objects with his mouth.

Golden Retriever facts

It is an ideal dog for any type of family and it adapts very well to a floor because it is very rare that it provokes typical damages of other more nervous breeds. In addition, he is also a dog that needs affection, his own face asks for it, for him the company is much more important than space. Cuddly and affectionate, he will become aggressive if his life or that of his master is in danger, otherwise, it would be very rare to see the slightest sign of aggression on his part. Accept very well the strangers and guests, making them many joys when they visit us.

The most important characteristics of Golden Retriever dog breeds:

Fact-1. The physical appearance of golden retrievers

The Golden Retriever is usually a medium-sized dog, with a body slightly longer than tall and a dense and beautiful golden fur that characterizes it perfectly. The elegance that gives it its beautiful golden mantle, is exceptional in other hunting dogs.

All in all, the appearance of the peculiar Golden Retriever dog is that of a totally harmonious, well-proportioned, powerful, active dog with balanced movements. In addition, the kind and gentle expression of these dogs is characteristic.

There are some differences between the race standards followed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, so the appearance of the American line Golden Retriever is a little different from the appearance of the European Golden Retriever. However, these differences are not very marked and can only be easily recognized by the expert eye of a breed judge or an experienced breeder.

There are also some physical differences between the Golden Exposure and the Golden of field lines, In those raised to work as hunting dogs. In either case, however, appearance, in general, is more important than the individual appearance of any of the body parts of the Golden Retriever.

According to the AKC, the length of the body must exceed the height at the withers (shoulders) in a ratio of 12:11. That is, the dog should be slightly longer than tall. The FCI standard does not indicate the relationship between body length and height at the withers, but breeders, exhibitors, and judges assume that the Golden Retriever should be a little longer than high.

Golden Dog Height: Golden Retriever Breeds, Male and Female Dog Height

According to the FCI, the height at the withers for the males should be between 56 and 61 centimeters, while the height at the withers for the females should be between 51 and 56 centimeters.

The head of the peculiar race maintains a good proportion in relation to the body, without appearing neither heaviness nor lightness. It is well molded by the skull that should be broad but ordinary. The stop, or nasofrontal depression, is well defined and evident, but it is not abrupt.

Eyes Of Golden Retriever Dog Breeds

The eyes are a beautiful medium and friendly and intelligent expression. They should be well separated from each other and the edge of the eyelid should be dark in color. The FCI requires that the eyes of the Golden Retriever be dark brown. The AKC gives preference to dark brown eyes but also accepts medium shades.

The ears of the Golden Retriever dogs are implanted at the level of the line of the eyes and hang on the cheeks. According to the FCI, they are of medium size. In contrast, the AKC standard indicates that small ears are preferred.

The snout is powerful, wide and deep, with its length equal to the length from the stop to the occiput. The forts of the Golden Retriever breed close in a perfect, medium and complete scissor bite. That is to say, when the dog is found with the mouth closed, the inner face of the upper pointy is in contact with the outer face of the lower incisors.

Golden dog, Retrievers dog breeds, golden retriever colors dark golden
Golden Retriever dog breed

Golden Retriever Colors Dark Golden

The chest of the Golden is deep and has deep and well-arched ribs, but without acquiring a barrel shape.

The tail of the Golden Retriever is inserted at the level of the dorsal line and is thick and muscular at the base. The last vertebra reaches the hock. When the Golden Retriever is at rest, the tail hangs quietly. However, during the action, the dog has its tail raised, completely straight or slightly curved, but never curled.

The coat is typical of this breed of dogs and is distinguish from other Retriever dogs. The Golden Retriever has a double mantle, the inner being dense and waterproof. The outer hair, on the other hand, is smooth or wavy, and firm, and falls close to the body.

Fact-2. Golden retriever temperament and character

This breed is distinguish mainly by its good character, as described by the breed standard. Because the Golden Retrievers have a friendly, cheerful, confident, kind, docile, sociable character and are very territorial and aggressive dogs. They are friendly to everyone who approaches them, and they do not stick only to one person. So they are not good watchdogs. However, they are very intelligent and easy to train, with good socialization they will delight any family and treat children with infinite patience.

Due to their friendly qualities towards people, it is no surprise that most Golden Retrievers failed as guard dogs. The typical Golden Retriever may lick the stranger without stopping, which is not the best protection. He may be encouraged to give a bark, but his tail, which keeps moving, is an involuntary reaction that he cannot avoid.

In any case, and despite the well-established friendly attitude, there are many anecdotes about the Golden Retrievers who have sensed the danger that leaked to their families, especially the children, and have reacted to protect them.

How to control hyperactivity in the golden dog

To prevent the Golden Retriever from becoming hyperactive it is better to keep them always busy, exercising and if possible, making them play to catch the ball again and again, as they love transporting things in their mouths (it is reminiscent of their origin as collecting dogs). of ducks and other pieces). The Golden Retrievers love the exits to the field where they can run and burn their energies.

Golden Retrievers take a long time to mature, being necessary some three years or a little more to develop their final character. In addition, they are still very playful even when they are adults, and for this reason, they are very appreciated by families with children.

Due to the behavior characteristics of the Golden Retriever dog breed. It is used in some countries by institutions working in the recovery of children with behavioral disorders. This is due to the bond that the animals of the Golden Retriever breed usually establish with the children. Since many times they become an unconditional companion due to their affection and lack of aggressiveness. This last from already incorrectly stimulated dogs, socialized and hierarchized.

Fact-3. Training a golden dog

They are extremely active and fun-loving animals with exceptionally patient behavior, typical of a dog raised to sit quietly for hours on a hunt. Adults of the adult race love to work and have a great ability to concentrate on a given task. They will work until they collapse, so care must take to avoid work overloads.

  • When to Train a Golden Retriever

Compare to most Dog Breeds, the Golden Retriever is very easy to train for an infinite number of tasks. Provide the proper procedures they use. The great intelligence of this particular dog makes it stand out in different facets of canine training, but only when positive training methods used there, such as clicker training.

When methods base on punishment are used, such as traditional canine training or also call “canine whisper” (style of the dog charmer). The Golden does not stand out and, on the contrary, it may become detached. The use of these methods can seriously damage the emotional health of the dog, and therefore, it is not recommended.

Fact-4. Golden dog health

Most of the Golden are very healthy dogs. Which reaches an average life expectancy between 10 and 12 years (based on two recent surveys in the United Kingdom). However, there are several inherited diseases to which dogs of this breed can be prone. Which can reduce the life expectancy of those affected individuals?

These diseases should not be frequent in a breed of hunting dogs. Because selective breeding seeks the development of strong and resistant dogs. However, the great popularity of the breed has favored incriminated and irresponsible breeding, since it can be a profitable business.

Golden Retriever Dog breeds
Golden Retriever dog breeds

5 Common diseases of the golden retriever dog breeds

  • Cancer, the most common type of hemangiosarcoma, followed by lymphosarcoma, tumor mast cells and osteosarcoma. This was the cause of the death of 61% of the Golden Americans. According to a 1998 health study conducted by the Golden Retriever club in America. Thus becoming the greatest danger of the American race. While in Europe, a health study of 2004 made by the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom. Expresses that the death by cancer in the breed of British Golden is 38%.• Obesity or overweight.
  • Common Diseases for golden dogs
  • Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, which afflict 19.8% of the horses of this breed.
  • Eye diseases, including cataracts, which is the eye disease most common in the breed. Progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, distichiasis, entropion, corneal dystrophy, and retinal dysplasia.
  • Heart diseases, especially subvalvular aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy.5. Care of the coat of this breed

The Golden Retriever does not require special care such as haircuts. But it does require frequent brushing because it loses a lot of hair. In addition, you also need exercise, company, and affection.

  • How to brush the golden retriever dogs

The brushing of these dogs should usually complete with a metal bristle brush. It is advisable that you brush your Golden at least once a day, because as we mentioned before. These dogs lose a lot of hair especially during the molting season a year. If you do not brush your Golden Retriever with perseverance. You will have a lot of hair on the furniture and on your clothes.

When the Golden Retriever loses excess hair, it is a sign that something is wrong with your health. If you notice that your dog loses more hair than usual, take it to the vet for a review.

Fact-5. Exercise For The Golden Retriever Dogs

Golden Retriever Dogs are dogs that apart from needing exercise also need a lot of affection and companionship. They are not dogs to live far away in the garden but must be part of the family. Golden Retriever is dogs very near to people. They will accompany you everywhere, but they are not dogs of a single owner.

If they do not get enough attention and company. The Golden Retrievers will find ways to alleviate their anxiety, usually by nibbling things or digging in the garden.

In addition, these peculiar dogs need to do a lot of daily exercises, because they are very active dogs. It is easy to exercise. When they are taught to charge since they enjoy having a lot of chasing a ball. This type of exercise prevents obesity. It is also good to play with other dogs to socialize with their peers. Although they tend to be social dogs, it is good to socialize the Golden ones since they are puppies.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training [Video]


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