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German Shepherd Husky Mix- Temperament, Facts & Health

Facts about German Shepherd Husky Mix- temperament, facts, health, weight, size, etc. Before we delve into the exotic breed of German shepherd mix husky, let us examine German shepherd Dog and the Serbian Huskyin general. Homosapiens proclivity towards German shepherds is not new. The characteristics and the utility of this species have always been useful for human beings. In fact, this dog can easily qualify as man’s best friend. Moreover, the various attributes and resourcefulness are what make it special.

Facts about German Shepherd Husky Mix- temperament, facts, health, weight, size

Facts About German Shepherd Husky Mix Gerberian Shepsky
Facts About German Shepherd Husky Mix Gerberian Shepsky;

Amiable Characteristics of German Shepherd Husky Mix Dog

Indeed, this particular breed possesses some remarkable qualities that are worth pondering. It gets a tick mark for all the attributes that one can fathom. It’s apartment friendly and will never trouble the little kitten or any other pet. It is child-friendly; therefore, your little one will love him. The German shepherd is a healthy breed, which requires reasonable grooming and less training. It is the least (stranger friendly) breed – henceforth receives a tick mark on a safety parameter.

A Resourceful Breed of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky

It remains the most resourceful canine with a remarkable record of accomplishment.  Its fearlessness and versatility are amazing. This breed has so far served in tracing illicit drugs, catching criminals, and leading blind. It is still a shepherd and takes care of the livestock on farms.  

Rescue dog German shepherd
Rescue dog German shepherd

Don’t misunderstand when you see a Serbian husky. It resembles a wolf. But looks graceful. It is quite energetic and playful. They are caring and wonderful dogs. With proper training and grooming, they can be a great companion and get along well with small children.  Like German shepherd, the Siberian husky is quite thick. Therefore, it has the ability to live under low temperatures.   

 German shepherd Husky Mix – A Fascinating Hybrid

It is a wonderful genetic makeup of two exceptional breeds. Hence, the traits are remarkable and indeed make it an exotic species.  It is a mixed breed of German shepherd and Serbian Husky, hence named as German shepherd mix husky. It possesses brilliant inherited traits of resourcefulness, hard work, and intelligence from a German shepherd.

Traits of German Shepherd Husky Mix

  • loyal and ideal for family and children
  • Love to stay outdoor
  • Easy to train
  • Quick learner
  • Comprehends commands easily and quickly

German Shepherd Husky Mix Health

Due to a mixed breed, they are quite healthier and fit; perhaps more than purebred. The mixed gene is the reason behind this fitter breed. However, the lively nature of this dog brings forth issues such as elbow and hip dysplasia and arthritis. Nevertheless, this wonderful crossbreed brings plenty of excitement and energy. 

German Shepherd Husky Mix Physical Exercise

This mixed breed requires plenty of physical activities and enough exercise. German shepherd husky mix is a live wire. A good workout is necessary for this Dog Breed. Since the breed is quite intelligent, hence it requires less training. Keeping this breed in isolation and enclosed for a long period would affect his behavior and it will start biting things in the house. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a German Shepherd puppy or mix husky, your little pup loves to run around and prefer hard work.

what dog breed is best for me
what dog breed is best for me

German Shepherd Mix Husky Training

Your mixed German shepherd puppy is like a child and requires proper training. The primary thing is crate training. Crate training is indeed essential because it gives a feeling of the natural environment and caters to their evolutionary wolves like traits. Hence, crate training becomes mandatory. Besides, the evolutionary part of this breed is a smart escapist. Therefore, this training becomes mandatory so that the little puppy gets accustomed to his little world and does not seek interesting ways to escape.

Your Mix Husky is very smart and shows great enthusiasm to learn. But a word of caution – be assertive while dealing because they might not follow the orders. Give them all the affection but always take control.  

Proper Grooming About German Shepherd Husky Mix

This wonderful breed derives its unique characteristics from a German shepherd and Siberian husky. Therefore, heavy fur is a result of this interbreeding. As the old cliché goes – necessary is a mother of all inventions. The dog’s natural inclination was the outside world. Hence, the thick fur was a necessity to deal with hostile weather. But keeping indoor is a different story. The concrete jungle requires a different sort of grooming. Hence, maintaining is mandatory.

Ensure to brush your dog 2-3 times a week.  The shedding season can be a little tiresome where continuous vacuuming is required. There will be incessant shedding during the season. Get a good brush for your pet; he would badly need it.   

Why this inbreeding?

Rather out of inquisitiveness people come up with this question. Well! There isn’t any simple answer as to why the inbreeding took place between the two diametrically opposite species. It can’t remain nature’s freakiest incident, but maybe a deliberate attempt when probably there aren’t any answers available.  But the characteristics of both German shepherd and Siberian husky complement each other. The soft characteristic of Siberian husky complements wonderfully with the daring nature of German shepherd.  

Feeding of German shepherd  husky mix

In simple words, a high protein diet is mandatory. As the dog is a mixed breed, therefore, it is lively and active. The energy is exceptional due to the mixed breed. At least 25% protein is required, which includes other minerals, vitamins, and different supplements.  The small puppies are somewhat picky and finicky therefore change food types and experiment with a different variety of food for the little pet. You are also aware of Dog Food Recall.

Adoption of German shepherd  husky mix

At times handling the adults can become a little difficult.  During this difficult stage, it is left to languish in the shelter. You can chip in and adopt this wonderful pet. All they require is a good friend and some training, and truckload of love. They would, in fact, become a wonderful companion and you will feel good about this noble deed for helping a helpless dog.

Purchasing a German mix

If you have decided to buy one, then look out for a person who is knowledgeable and accomplished about dog breeding. Do some groundwork and research. Above all, spend some time with the parent breed and get some basic understanding of the dog.

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