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Dogs Are Smarter Than We Think

Dogs Are Smarter Than We Think

Dogs Are Smarter Than We Think

Dogs are the creature full of surprises. There acts are even more surprising than anything else. The recent researches have shown many surprising results about the human acts of dogs. This will be of no surprise for dog owners but for the layman, they might be thrilled to know that this best friend of man often acts more human than canine.

Dogs over the years have developed so many manly habits that one can easily say that they have revolutionized their presence on this planet. They experts says that mainly the revolution of them begin about 15000 years ago when they evolved themselves from wolves to some domesticated pets. The possess some wonderful traits like they can read facial expressions. In they can communicate almost every kind of act like jealousy, love, affection etc. It can watch TV shows and videos with the interest that we cannot expect from them. One can safely say that dogs have become a mirror of man regarding the normal acts and they did this by getting along with human and paying attention towards us.

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Some Latest Studies

There are some latest studies conducted which shows the human side of our companions…

Watching People Closely

We humans have one thing in common that we watch people closely and socialize with them. We judge them before socializing about their natures like some of them are good and some are mean. So we judge them to check their level of suiting us. This is our nature. But you would be amazed by knowing that dogs also possess the same trait, they also belong to the same league.

Dogs Are Smarter Than We Think…

Recently, a study was conducted in which the scientists tested 54 dogs. They were divided into three groups which were helper, non-helper and control. The study was about watching their owners struggle to retrieve a tape roll from a container. The first group, the owner needed help from other person which was holding the container. Second group, the owner asked for help but the other person turned it down. Last one group, the other person turned his back without being asked for any help. There was a third person also present staying neutral in this entire phenomenon. After the experiments were done, all three persons offer some treats to dogs.

The results were very interesting. In the non-helper group, the dogs accepted the neutral person’s treat turning down from that of non-helper. In helper group,Dogs Are Smarter Than We Think didn’t favor anyone. Scientists were amazed to know that these results had been observe by them previously in human infants and monkeys. So, the dogs definitely can feel our emotions.

Following Human Gazes

Many animals including humans have this wonderful ability that they can sense the threat or danger for a distance like in dolphins, goats, chimps and tortoise. So gaze following is instinctual for many animals. Previously, it was thought that dogs follow human gazes when they are offer some food or something to play with but the recent studies reveal that dogs also follow human gazes into blank space but when they are not train.

Recently, a research was conduct in which 145 pet dogs participate including trained and untrained. The purpose of the research was to know about the tendency of dogs following human gazes when they are under influence of age and habituation. When one of the research conductors gazed at the door, only the untrained dogs followed him while the trained ones ignored the gaze. The researchers thought that this may be because the trained dogs are more willing to gaze at the person’s face rather than looking at the door. After five minutes of teaching the untrained dogs, they began to ignore the instinct to follow the researchers gaze. The interesting thing was that this behavior was previously seen in humans and chimps only. So, the conclusion was to led emphasize on training rather than ignoring.

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