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dog training tips

Dog Training Tips and Tricks With Command

Hi dog-lovers, we’d like to write basic dog training tips and tricks with command. In recent days the dog owner’s amount increases. Those who are new owners some question comes on the mind. Among them, the first question may be “how I train my dog”. there are some technical solutions to this problem. If you maintain these steps regularly, your dog will be trained-dog very soon.

dog training technique
Dog training tips technique

You can start training for any aged dog, the earlier and the elder both. You can start training for your dog when it is learning to sit. Older can be trained. It also able to learn your commands but the younger ones will learn faster from the older one. When you start training, you will notice that training is so much fun for both you and your dog. Training your dog also helps it to develop its brain and this will make it a better relationship with you. Keep in mind punishment doesn’t work for training. So, be friendly with your doggy.

We are here to resolve your problem with dog training. We manage some best and working techniques and tips. Those are so popular techniques and help you to train your dog. Basic commands are for obedience, toilet, ‘do’s’ & ‘don’t do’s’. Here, we discuss this type of command. Before, start training your dog, you should keep in mind 6 basic principles.

Here are 6 Basic Principles for Dog Training:

  • Be Consistent: Apply the same law and same speech every time
  • Be Concise: Apply the same command only one time. Repetition of the same commands makes your dog ignore you. This may make your dog think, you don’t care whether it obeys it or not.
  • Be Generous: Reward your dog for every command it passed. You should give it a treat & massage it’s ear, neck & belly.
  • Be Smart: Make command if & only if you have enough confidence that your dog will understand this.
  • Be Prepared: Chained it unless it doesn’t come or obey your command.
  • Be Happy: Your dog is your friend & partner, so keep your voice soft to it & smiling at it. Dogs are impressionable with our voice tone & body language. So, don’t be rude to it.

Dog or Puppy Potty Training Tips and Tricks

If your dog stays most time indoors, so this is compulsory to be trained for the toilet. This will take time but be patient. Then you will be happy to see the result.

  • Meal regularity: Feed your dog by maintaining a schedule. Never early or late.
  • Offer potty opportunities: Take your doggy outside every morning and every 30-60 minutes. And also, take your doggy outside after wakes from sleep and finishes its meal.
  • Familiarity breeds comfort: Take out your dog the same place every time where it does its business. This will make your dog recognizing tit place and adjusting with tit place for poop.
  • Stay with it: Always stay with your dog while taking it outside for potty. Never allow it to go outside alone.
  • Praise success: After every successful work praise your dog, offer it something it likes most.

Dog Training Commands for Obedience:

It’s necessary to be trained in your dog for basic obedience. There is some easy word to make it trained.

  • Sit: This basic command will control your dog matter what situation it is.
  • Drop: This will teach it to drop anything it holds in its mouth.
  • Stay: Instruct your dog to keep calm & stay in the same place.
  • Heel: Train it to be closer to you while walking.
  • Come: This will instruct your dog to come to you. You should teach this command whenever it stared recognize its name. This will help your dog to any kind of harm.

Important Tips and Tricks about Doggy ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts:


  • At first, teach command in your home and garden, then go to the public places
  • Start training your new dog as soon as possible.
  • Always keep training season short almost 5-10 minutes and have fun with your puppy.
  • Use your body language like a hand signal with your voice command. This will make the command easier for your dog.
  • Always keep your command easier, clear & constant.
  • Always be patient and never be rude.


  • Don’t let your dog get bored. Always try to make it happy.
  • Never telling it off if it does any wrong.
  • Never shouted with it. Don’t give physical punish.
  • Don’t train your dog when it is hungry.
  • Don’t expect too much within a short time.

So, training your dog will make your dog more obedient to you and your household will be more pleasant places. A pooch always wants to praise its owner & gain reward from it. By training, you can make sure of those things. A trained dog never damages the household and garden. It will never harmful to children. So both you and your neighbors will be happy.

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