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Dog Pregnancy Week by Week Symptoms

dog pregnancy

Dog Pregnancy Week by Week with images

Hi all, we’d discuss on dog pregnancy week by week symptoms today.  Here is a Great Dane dog breed to discuss. Great Dane are big dogs with strong muscles, they are very tolerant but sensitive dogs and during this time we should pay attention to the physical, mental and nutritional conditions of this breed.

dog pregnancy diagnosis

Although the behavior of pregnant dogs varies, the change in behavior may not be a valid reason for the pregnancy of the animal. Increased appetite and weight gain, although they occur during pregnancy, cannot be a cause of pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy is difficult to diagnose early in pregnancy and its appearance is very vague before the day of pregnancy.

And to help you diagnose your dog pregnancy, consider the following:

1. Call a veterinarian.
2. Abdominal growth during pregnancy.
3.  Lack of appetite.
4. Inactivity and energy loss.
5. Nipples swell.
6. Change of behavior
7.  Listen to the puppy’s heartbeat.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms: Call a veterinarian

If the pet owner is eager to know about the dog’s pregnancy status, this can be done by visiting a veterinarian and using medical equipment. The vet will be able to diagnose a pregnant animal within three to four weeks after mating with abdominal touch. If the pregnancy is not detectable by abdominal examination at this time, ultrasound diagnostics can confirm that the animal is pregnant but with a percentage of probability of error. At this time, the veterinarian prescribes the various diet and supplements needed for the dog during pregnancy. In the fourth week of gestation (2–3 days) fetal heart rate was obtained using ultrasound and even an approximate number of neonates can be estimated. Radiography is also possible to detect pregnancy. But it is not possible to make a definitive diagnosis until 2 days of age. At this time, due to the skeletal structure of the embryo, the existence of the skeletal bone and even the approximate number of it in the X-ray image are determined. At this time, it can even be reported with a percentage of error and even the possible death of puppies. Accurate counting of puppies will be possible using late-pregnancy radiography. Laboratory methods are also possible by measuring specific factors in blood and urine. Measurement of fibrinogen, c-reactive protein, or other acute-phase proteins is biochemical criteria for the diagnosis of pregnancy that are not widely used because of the high cost and inaccessibility of these methods.

Abdominal growth during dog pregnancy
Abdominal growth during dog pregnancy

Abdominal growth during pregnancy.
In the fourth week of pregnancy, the dog’s abdomen becomes prominent, and the mother’s weight gain begins from 1 to 2 days of age and her appetite increases. Keep in mind, however, that pregnancy detection at this age is not possible in all religions, especially obese dogs, and requires the experience and skill of a veterinarian.

Lack of appetite.
In early pregnancy, your appetite may decrease at once, but by mid-pregnancy, the appetite of the animal will return to its original state, and at the end of pregnancy the appetite of the Great Dane may increase at this time; / It is three times more than usual, and it is quite natural.

Inactivity and energy loss.
In the first trimester of pregnancy, religion may become less sedentary than it used to be, more relaxed, and more relaxed, which can be seen in the early stages of pregnancy, which is quite normal. Because the dog needs a lot of energy and as the pregnancy progresses forward, the lethargy increases with restlessness.

dog pregnancy - 47 days
dog pregnancy – 47 days
dog pregnancy - 53 days
dog pregnancy – 53 days
dog pregnancy - 58 days
dog pregnancy – 58 days
dog pregnancy - 61 days
dog pregnancy – 61 days

Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy: Nipples swell

From 1 to 2 days of age, deformities and prominent nipples begin to develop. At 2 to 5 days of age, this bump is associated with breast swelling and during the last week of pregnancy, especially on the last days, the mother’s breasts become bulky and swollen and their nipples are prominent. Breast milk appears from the nipples within 1 to 2 days. At this time, if you press the tip, the colostrum fluid, which is the nutrient needed to immunize babies, will be removed. The outflow of this fluid, which is similar to milk, indicates near birth time.

Sign & Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy: Changing Behavior

in Early Pregnancy, a dog will be gentler and kinder. This behavior change is due to the secretion of pregnancy hormones. As the dog gets closer to childbirth, he or she may have restlessness and wandering behaviors, searching for a suitable place for childbirth and spending a lot of time cleaning themselves up, which means pregnancy progresses. Such behavior in any religious sect may be different and has no general index.

Dog Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms: Hearing a puppy’s heartbeat

About 5 days after your pregnancy, you can hear the puppy’s heartbeat and now you can be sure your dog is pregnant. At this same time limit, embryo touches in the uterine horns like golf ball objects may be possible. After this time due to placental fluid accumulation around the embryos, it may not be possible to detect by asthma and often up to 6 days, they can no longer be touched.
(Remember that the touch of the abdomen should be done slowly and without pressure on the body surface).

Dog Fetus Development Stages Pictures

1 week after mating (4-5 days):

The embryo develops to 4 cells in the first week and changes to 5 cells by the end of the second week. At this time the fetus enters the uterus.

Week 3 (4-5 days):

The embryo is formed and implanted in the uterus.

Week 4 (4-5 days):

Eye, spinal cord and face are formed. The baby grows from 1 to 2 mm to 1 to 2 mm. It is during this time that the organs begin to form and the embryos are more susceptible to beta deficiency. Fetal motility begins between days 1 and 2.
Changes in female dogs:
Vaginal discharge is visible and nipples begin to grow. After day 2, a veterinarian can diagnose pregnancy from a heartbeat. Extreme activities like jumping from high places should be avoided at this time. And add 1/2 cup of boiled cheese or egg to a mother’s meal.

dog pregnancy scan at 4 weeks

Week 5 (1-2 days):

The fetus’ hands and feet appear and continue to grow until the claws and nails appear. At this time, ultrasound can detect the presence of fetuses. The fetus will vary in size from 1 mm to 2 mm.
Changes in the female dog:
At this time, the female dog’s abdomen becomes prominent and overweight, with sedation and implantation observed. At this stage, the dog’s diet should be increased daily and multivitamins should be started daily (with a veterinarian prescribed).

dog pregnancy scan at 4 weeks

Week 6 (4-5 days):

The head, trunk, and abdomen of the fetus become separated and overall growth continues. At this time the pigments of the skin develop and the embryo’s weight should be about 2 grams; its length is 5 mm. Fetal heart rate can be heard with a medical device.
Changes in the female dog: The female dog’s belly reaches its highest level. The breasts and nipples become more prominent. At this time the amount of dog food increases daily and is added to the serving of a cup of cheese or boiled egg. From then on, the other dog should be fully housed in the delivery box.

dog pregnancy scan

Week 7 (4-5 days):

Cub growth continues.
Changes in the female dog: The female dog’s abdominal hair begins to fall, which is usually not visible to the owners and is constantly preparing the delivery environment. At this time, the promise of dog food is increased to two servings. And any dog ​​jumping should be avoided. Radiographs determine the number and size of puppies.

dog pregnancy- 8th week 1









8th week (4-5 days):

Puppies can be seen on the skin of the body during maternal rest. Puppies can be born from that time.
Changes in the female dog:
Milk secretion begins from the nipples. The mother’s size grows, and two dog meals are increased to three.
Recommendations: Have your veterinarian’s number available for unexpected conditions at this time and explain your pregnant dog’s physical condition. If someone is going to help you during childbirth, let them know.
Prepare a vehicle for emergency conditions (placing several blankets on the back seat).

dog pregnancy - 9th week

9th week:

Fetal growth continues.
Changes in Female Dogs: Female dogs may have excitement. (Crush, walk, violent behavior) And his appetite is gone. At this time, the owners should have a detailed record of the dog’s behavior and body temperature. Normal body temperature is 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. Puppies should be born within the next 3 hours when the dog’s body temperature drops to 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Recommendations: Check thoroughly the supplies for dog delivery and notify the vet.

Depending on the number of embryos and the number of fetal fluids in the placenta, the abdominal volume and weight of the female dog during pregnancy will increase by between two and three percent, and naturally, at this time the female dog will need more food and feed her pups. More nutritious is needed.

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