Dog Food Recall Mystery Revealed

Dog and puppy’s food are most important for their health issues, in this case, are being recalled due to toxic levels of vitamin D. That Can create a lot of Serious health issues and also kidney failure.

Dog food recalled unexpected to possibly damaging levels of Vitamin D.

A Company that name is Sunshine Mills to make a lot of pet food brands. It’s recall out of 3 of puppy and Dog Food products, It Possibly increases the high level of Vitamin D. That Causes various serious health issues to include Kidney Failure.

Dog Food Recalled
Dog Food

The All Brands affect are Evolve Triumph & Sportsman’s Pride. The Company also said also in a Documents and they Published the Post on US Food and Drug Administration’s Website. You also learn it from here to know more about this statement about Dog Food Recall.

The Upcoming recalled Brands Combine Nutrisca Chicken and Potato dry dog food, Natural Life chicken Chickpea dry dog food & and dog food in Brown rice.

When Vitamin D Consumed at very vast levels that can create different health issues in dogs combine with renal decayed. This Company said that in this disease the symptoms are vomiting, Increase thirst and urination, loss of appetite, Weight Loss and Excessive Drooling.

FDA testing on Samples of Dog food did confirm excessively and combine the toxic amount of that vitamin. Which is the Most Important Nutrient for all Dogs the high amount of vitamin D can cause serious health problems may be kidney damage or Even Death?

Recalled dog food

Some of the list Products Under Recall although the FDA is a warning:

Ahold Delhaize:

Brown Rice Dog food and nature’s Promise Chicken 4 Pound, 14 Pound and 28-pound bags brown rice dog food nature real county chicken 15 pound and 5-pound bags.

LidI (Orlando Brand):

Free chicken and chickpea super dog food Recipe.


4 Pound Bag for abounding chicken and 14-pound bag and 24-pound bag for Brown Rice dog food recipe.

ELM Pet Food, Inc:

3 Pound Bags, 14-pound Bags and 24 Pound bags for ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe.

ANF, Inc:

3 Kilogram bag and Seven and half Kilogram bags for ANR Lamb and Rice Dry Dog food.

Sunshine Mills, Inc:

14 Pound Bags, 28 Pound Bags for Evolve Chicken and Puppy Dry Dog food, 40-pound Bag for sportsman’s pride large breed Dry Dog food.


4 Pound Bags, 15 Pound Bags for Chicken and chickpea dry Dog Food

Recalled Dog Food Sold Worldwide. FDA is insistence pet Owners to check these brands and try to stop feeding their dogs food Immediately.

Recall Dog Food

Dog Food Recall increases to more brands for Vitamin D toxicity Risk.

Natural life and Nutrisca Pet brand issue recalled in recent November over Concern about Huge levels of Vitamin D in their product.

FDA also said that don’t use that dog food for there pets and stop feeding and also burn all of the products if possible then you must be return it in the purchase point.

To Know more about Nutrisca and Natural Life pet food brands can be found calling (888) 279-9420 from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM CST, Saturday and Sunday OFF other days they are open Or you also send mail them @


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