Common Cat Breeds With Pictures

Cat Breed

Some Common Cat Breeds With Pictures

There are lots of cat breeds in the world. Here are some common cat breeds with pictures.


The Balinese cat is a breed of domestic cat derived from the Siamese cat, achieve by crossing with long-haired cats, to obtain an animal with a complexion and varieties of colors similar to the Siamese, but with a long, silky and abundant hair.

Its origin is found in the United States during the 1940s, although it was not officially recognized as a race until the 1960s. Unlike what one might think, its name does not refer to its place of origin, but rather It was given by the first breeders to maintain a certain oriental reference.

This cat is very loyal to its owner. It can be indifferent to the other members of the family if they have a great affection for a particular member of the family.

Balinese cat has a good musculature. Its extremities are thin, the hindquarters being higher than the previous ones. He is very sweet and likes to be in the company of other animals. He is always trying to get attention with his pranks or he simply asks for it to be raised; Unlike the Siamese cat, it is not a cat that jumps unless you allow it. His voice is more melodious and softer, and his personality has a touch of tranquility that makes him look like a very aristocratic cat. He is very loyal to his owner, extremely docile and coexists perfectly with children.


Seychellois Cat Breed
Seychellois Cat Breed

The Seychellois are a very recently recognized cat breed, basically a Siamese cat with white spots. They are very playful and naughty cats, but with a lot of character. Like the Oriental cat, the Seychellois also has its long hair version. Its name refers to the Seychelles islands although these cats do not actually come from there.

It appeared as a product of the crossing of two-colored Orientals carrying the Siamese gene with Oriental carriers of the Siamese gene and with Siamese. At first, these cats had no place within the recognized breeds and were registered as RIEX (an experimental record), for being an unrecognized color. After a lot of work of breeders all over the world, it was possible to fulfill the necessary requirements and present the race as such in the general assembly of the Felina International Federation, where it was approved, but nevertheless, not as a variety of color within the Siamese race, but as a new race.

Variety of colors

All the varieties of colors that the Siamese cat has been recognized, but they should always present white inside the colored points. They are Silverpoint & white, blue point & white, Chocolate point & white, Lila point & white, Torties & white & Tabbies & white.


Peterbald Cat Breed
Peterbald Cat Breed

Peterbald is a breed of peeled cats originated in Russia in 1994.

The gene responsible for its main character is called “Russian gene for hair loss” and is hereditarily polygenic showing a series of discontinuous variations.

Today, this breed is recognized by TICA, WCF, and FIFE.

The name of this race is given by the creator of it in honor of the city where it originates, “St. Petersburg” (founded by Tsar Peter the Great).

The cats of the Peterbald kind are medium size and are characterized by a unique combination of tuneful and well-balanced animal characteristics.

The head seen from the front forms a distinctive equilateral triangle of relatively straight imaginary lines without indentations or protrusions at the level of the eyes or the pinch.

This triangle or wedge begins at the snout at the tip of the nose and continues to increase its opening on each side of the face until the birth of the ears.

The ears are very huge, well open at the base and are situated laterally continuing the triangle formed by the imaginary lines of the wedge somewhat below.

The eyes are almond-shaped, neither sunken nor protruding.

The profile is extensive and nonstop, slightly rounded in some cases.

They are slim creatures with a medium-sized head provided to the figure.

His figure is gracefully thin, burly, lengthy and slim.

Feet high but melodious to the break of the physical.

The creatures of this type have the individuality of having dissimilar degrees of hairlessness or lack of hair. They can range from the entire lack of hair to the so-called skirmish hairs. Between one besides the other, we find a changeability of different lengths in millimeters of shock present.


Burmese Cat Breed
Burmese Cat Breed

The Burmese or Burmese is a domestic cat breed from Thailand, it is divided into two groups: American Burmese and English Burmese.

This breed of cats was created in the year 1930 by Dr. G. Thompson, who by selecting the right crossings obtained a race of pure Burmese.

Description of Burmese Cat Breeds

Its neck is short, with very little hair, its head is round, it has medium ears and bright eyes. Originally, the Burmese cats were exclusively brown but the years of selective breeding have produced a great variety of colors. Different relations have different guidelines about which of these count as Burmese. Burmese cats are familiar to be friendly and friendly to humans, as well as very smart. They are also very verbal, and often call their owners.


As a result of these separate breeding programs, the English Burmese are different from the Americans. The English Burmese tends to be more oriental, with a more triangular face, while the American Burmese is plump and round in the body, head, eyes, and feet; with full cheeks and a short snout.


Manx Cat Breed
Manx Cat Breed

The Manx is a domestic cat breed originally from the British Isles, specifically from the Isle of Man. Its name is based on the name of the island in English: Manx (Manés in Spanish). It is a cat with a natural mutation of the spine. Many Manx have a small “stump” tail but are especially famous for not having a tail, a feature that distinguishes the breed.

The Manx cat has its origin in the eighteenth century on the Isle of Man, where until 300 years ago they were very common.

There is a popular story that tells how they lost their tails. Noah was about to close the doors of his ark, a cat was late for playing, he thought about catching mice to apologize to Noah for his unpunctuality. As he approached and entered, Noah cut his tail with the doors.

Other legends say that the Manx emerged from the breeding of a cat and a rabbit and that a person cut off his tail when riding on his motorcycle, vehicles very common on the Isle of Man.


Easter Cat Breed
Easter Cat Breed

The Oriental cat is a cat breed originally from Thailand. Because of its sharp profile, the oriental cat has been nicknamed the cat greyhound. It is a cat of pure lines, harmonious and subtle, has a long face, and ears more open than a European cat. He has an elegant demeanor, a lively temperament, and great intelligence.

The oriental cat with long hair is the result of the accidental product of crosses between the Balinese cat and the oriental cat with short hair.

The personality of the oriental cat is as distinctive as its exterior image, it is proud and arrogant, inquisitive and curious, animated and unpredictable, temperamental and turbulent.

Extremely sensitive, he feels hurt when he does not pay attention to him, but he will return with great affection and devotion to the affection of his master. Faithful to tyranny, it needs almost total attention.

He will always react to any stimulus, being absolutely inquisitive when his master returns home. It does not tolerate loneliness well.

Very sociable and always ready to play, his curiosity is constantly alert, he needs activity and he suffers boredom badly. He is capable of the most suitable cunning to capture attention.


Turkish Cat Breed
Turkish Cat Breed

The cat Van Turco is a cat breed that comes from the mountainous areas that surround Lake Van of Turkey.

Description About Cat Breeds:

The coat is the most fascinating feature of this cat. The extreme weather of the eastern region of Anatolia throughout the year seems to have designed the cat’s coat over time. Eastern Anatolia is mountainous, and Lake Van sits at 1,600 m. above sea level. The area faces such extreme temperatures during the summer and winter seasons, which is almost inhospitable. It has semi-long hair, it is thick in winter but very soft, like rabbit fur or cashmere. During the spring and summer months, when it becomes extremely hot, long hair is exchanged for shorter hair that retains the cashmere feel. The hair of the tail is long all year round and has the appearance of a bottle brush.

This cat is moderately long and its hind legs are slightly longer than its front legs. These cats are big and muscular and have a short neck. The males can weigh 7 kg, while the females tend to be somewhat lighter in weight, from 5 to 6 kg. It takes up to 3 years to reach full sexual maturity. They can reach a meter in length from the snout to the tip of the tail. I think you also looking for Persian cats

Characteristics of this Pet:

Origin: The Turkish Van developed naturally in the isolated region surrounding Lake Van, in Turkey. In 1955 several specimens were exported to England and the breed was recognized in 1969, however, the United States does not recognize the Turkish Van as an official breed.

Morphology: Medium size, muscular. Triangular head, with large and very hairy ears. Oval eyes and slightly oblique, amber, blue or heterochromatic.

Mantle: Medium length hair, silky and without bottom wool. The background color is white. Tail and spots of the face of chestnut, reddish or cream.


Snowshoe Cat Breed
Snowshoe Cat Breed

The Snowshoe is a relatively new breed of cat and originated in the United States.

The Snowshoe was first seen in the 1960s in Philadelphia when Siamese cat breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty obtained offspring with this color pattern. At that time, this breeder began to promote and spread the breed. Then, Vikki Olander continued with this task, who sought recognition of the Snowshoe as a breed by the cat associations. In 1993 the Snowshoe was accepted by TICA (The International Cat Association).

Origin of the breed:

These feline species were the product of the cross between Siamese cats (traditional Siamese cats) and British shorthairs, or American short hair.

Description About this Pet:

The Snowshoe is a short-haired, medium-sized cat with good musculature. The coat has the same color pattern as that of the Siamese, but it is distinguished by its four “white boots” on its legs, which give rise to its name. It also has an inverted “V” on his face, white. They darken over the years, and the tenderloin often turns chocolate brown. The head can be both triangular and rounded (apple head). The eyes are blue.

The Snowshoe is a medium-sized cat, which combines characteristics of its shorthairs and oriental ancestors (such as the Siamese).
Body: long and firm, but not extreme. Of medium size, bones, and musculature.
Head: wedge-shaped, with rounded contours. The snout of good length, high cheekbones with soft contours, firm chin.
Ears: from medium to medium size, in proportion to the body; broad at the base, slightly rounded.
Eyes: oval in shape, longer than depth, slightly inclined towards the base of the ears. The eyes are blue, bright and expressive.
Tail: medium, of length in proportion to the body.
Coat: short to medium-short; No sublayer, soft texture.
Colors: blue point and seal point
Disqualifications: long hair, eye colors other than a blue, white pattern that hides colored dots. You must have the “white boots” on each of your legs.
Allowed crossings: with Siamese and Americans with short hair.


Scottish Fold Cat Breed
Scottish Fold Cat Breed

The Scottish Fold is a cat breed originally from Scotland, with a medium bone structure and large musculature. It has round feet and a thick tail of medium size. Its head is very round, with small ears fold. The nose is flat and short and has high cheekbones. Its fur is short, although there is a version called Highland Fold that has it half-long. They do not have a specific color, and they have a strong character and a great hunting instinct. It was recognized as such in 1974.


Although there has been talked of Chinese cats with fallen ears, it cannot be said with certainty that this cat is an ancestor of the Scottish Fold. Other fallen-eared cats were born in Scotland in 1961 and were selected to create the breed. The first to appear was a Swedish female named Susie, a white cat born in 1961. It was taken from the street by a couple, who some months later decided to cross it with a British Shorthair, and in 1966 they decided to register their offspring as Folds. Its main characteristic is its ears, which according to the studies carried out, it was enough for one of the parents to have the gene to be able to inherit them.

Physical characteristics

It has a broad, round head, but what differentiates it from the others are its small ears, fold forward and down, round eyes separated by a broad nose. They do not have a specific color, and their neck is strong and narrow. Its musculature is generally robust, with a compact shape, although they usually weigh very little. Their extremities are of a normal length, although there have been many cases of very short and thick tails with the round tip. These anomalies cause their prohibition in the British exhibitions during a time until interest groups dedicated to the breeding to try that all went out well. His hair is very short, elastic and very soft.

Character Scottish Fold:

This animal is very friendly, sweet and companion, fully trust in the human being and it is very easy to adapt to new environments. It almost never presents nervousness. In a pack they usually follow a “leader”, who is usually the father, imitating all their movements. When they are cross with other races, they are generally peaceful, although always attentive. The births are usually calm. The passivity of the female makes things easier. Puppies are usually born with their ears back. Just three weeks after birth they begin to develop their most differential characteristic. It may happen that they fail to develop at all, there are even cases in which only one ear achieves the objective. To avoid these problems, experts advise not to give them too much milk when they are babies,


Himalayo Cat Breed
Himalayo Cat Breed

The Himalayan cat is a Persian cat color like a Siamese, but it has the characteristic features of the Persian race. The Himalayan cat has the same Persian morphology: body structure, solid head, short and flat nose, long and silky mantle; and from the Siamese it shares the colored tips and the blue eyes. The Himalayan cat is slightly precocious than the females of the Persian race.

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