Golden Retriever and Persian Cats are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift: Golden Retriever is the best Dog that you can gift a Pet Lover in Christmas.

Christmas Gift Golden Retriever Is the Large Size Dog Breed. The Golden Retriever is a wonderful companion for the family. You don’t know that he owed his name to his good character? Yes, it is true. It is called Golden, not because of its color, Because of it is considered a golden dog, flawless!

Mainly the Origin of Golden Retriever

Mainly the origin of Golden Retriever comes from Britain.

Height About Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dogs are 56 to 61 cm for males and 51 to 56 cm for females.

Weight of Golden Retriever Dogs

Golden Retriever are measure 65 to 75 lbs.’ for males and 55 to 65 lbs.’ for females.

Average Life Span Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever are live in average 10 to 12 years

Hair of Golden Retriever

Flat or wavy, with good fringes. The undercoat is tight and waterproof.

Golden Retriever Colors

Golden Retriever are coming with various different colors some of them are creamy, white, Dark Golden and Light Golden with Pure Golden Color Golden Retriever dog.

You Know? Golden Retriever is the 15th most popular Dog Breed.

Golden Retriever Diet

The Golden Retriever has a relatively small digestive tract. It must therefore be fed with highly consumable foods. Also, a balanced and proper diet is compulsory to sustain its strong joints and keep its silky coat.

The Golden Retriever must be given three meals a day until the age of 6 months, then two meals a day until the age of one and a half years. Then, only one meal a day of about 500 grams of kibble is enough.

Greedy, the Golden Retriever about to take on weight if he is not energetic enough. It is therefore essential to adapt your diet to your lifestyle and not to give him too many treats.

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Christmas Gift: Persian Cats is the best cat that you can gift a Pet Lover in Christmas.

Christmas Gift Persian Cats Is long hair Breed. The Persian cat is a wonderful friend for the personal. In Middle East Country People are known as the Iranian Cat and Shirazi Cat Known as the Iran People.

Origin of Persian Cats

Actually, the Origin of Persian Cats comes from Iran.

Persian Cats Height

Persian Cats are 7 kilograms of mass. With short and wide legs and a round and brawn body, it measures that 40 to 50 centimeters long and about 30 cm high.

Weight Persian Cats

Persian Cats are Near about seven Kilograms.

Average Life Span Persian Cats

Persian Cats are live in average 12 to 17 years

Hair Persian Cats

Persian Cats, White and Black mix, with good smooth.

Colors of Persian Cats

In Persian Cats are coming with various different colors some of them are like ash, white black and mix color.

Persian Cats Diet

Persian Cat diet is the mode of food you chose, industrial or household food, it must choose the high quality with protein. From us here, it is croquettes accessible, and household ration. We must also think that by nature his hair is very long and he needs to reject them. The diet can help in addition to brushing.

The Persian cats don’t have any particular tendency to overweight but here too everything be contingent on the food that is given to his companion. It must be adapted to its age, its nature, and its state.

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