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Choosing A Dog Breed: Tips for Picking A Dog Breed

Tips for Choosing A Dog Breed

Hello dog-lovers, we’d like to discuss choosing a dog breed and some tips for picking a dog breed. How to decide whether you want a cute puppy or older dog. They make wonderful companions and pets for families; however, they will be a permanent part of your life for a long time.

To start off you need to decide if you want a puppy or a full-grown dog. A puppy needs to be housebroken and given obedience training. With an older dog sometimes, you can see what you are getting. An older dog may already be housebroken, maybe they’ve had some obedience training, are less destructive and have house manners. They may, however, have some behavioral or health problems.

Before you go out and buy that choosing a dog breed puppy or dog ask yourself some questions first.

What breed fits your lifestyle? Do you want a large dog or a lap dog?

Can you afford a dog? Remember, besides the food, you have vaccinations and maybe vet bills.

Have you the patience training a puppy? I suggest an adult, fully-trained dog for you.

Do you have any space for your dog? If so what size of dog would fit best?

Do you have children and what age are they? You need to consider the size of the dog because children can accidentally injure some small dogs. Some dogs don’t get along well with children.

Do you have time to exercise a dog? Some require a lot of exercises while some require very little.

Do you work all day? Some dogs don’t do well if left alone all day.

Do you have other pets? Will they get along?

Some dogs need a lot of grooming while some require very little.

Decide what breed you want or are interested in and find out the temperament and characteristics of that breed. If buying a pure-bred buy from a reputable dog breeder. Contact as many kennels as possible to learn all you can about a peculiar breed. Often a good breeder has a waiting list but they are the safest to buy from. JUST SAY NO TO PET STORES, often puppy mills provide them and create very poor conditions which lead to behavior problems and perpetuate cruelty.

The health of the puppies is the most important thing. You should ask the breeders to provide you the necessary papers which confirm the puppy came from a health certified parent. You should ask the breeder about the health issues of the breed. A breeder should be available to answer all your questions.

If you get an adult dog from a shelter, they should have received preventive health care, spayed or neutered and checked for heartworm.

What is the best dog to get? A Purebred Puppy Or A Mixed Breed Puppy? 

Which is better, to choose between a pure-bred puppy and a mixed breed puppy. Which is the best choice? There are a lot of factors in this decision.

Choosing A Dog Breed:  A Purebred Vs A Mixed Breed

A pure-bred puppy will cost more. A mixed-breed puppy is often free or cheaper in cost than a purebred. A pure-bred puppy will often have a higher level of care associated with it. Unless purchased from a puppy mill, purebred dogs are often pampered, wormed and have their early shots. Purebred puppies may have congenital problems associated with inbreeding unless care was taken in the breeding. Buying a purebred with accredited credentials from the American Kennel Club or other such breed clubs helps keep track of several generations of parents. The American Kennel Club offers purebred dog registrations for both puppies that you eventually want to breed and puppies that are not to be used for breeding. Generally, the breeder you purchase your puppy from will charge more for a puppy if you want to eventually breed and have the puppies registered. This makes the breeder more money and helps keep out the competition for that breed of registered puppies in the future.

I have personal experience in both purebred and mixed breed dogs. I have had 4 different mixed breed dogs and all were lovable, healthy and great pets. One of my dogs, Shadow, I have had for 14 years. She is a mix between a Rottweiler (her mother) and a Golden Retriever. She looks like a wide black lab. I was hoping that she would retain some of the characteristics of both breeds. I wanted a friendly dog since we have three children, but also a dog that guards us at night. Well, it turns out, that she is a black Golden Retriever. She is all sweetness. There is not a trace of watchdog in her. We had good friends show up recently, at night. They let themselves into our house with their key and walked right past our lounging Shadow to greet us. Shadow never barked when they arrived and just considered this a non-alarm. Our friends visit about once a month and I’m sure that she knows the sound of their car engine. But I would prefer a bit of dog warning. She is a wonderful dog and just to look at her would scare most people with bad intentions.

On the other hand, I have a pure-bred white German Shepherd puppy about eight weeks old.

German shepherd husky mix
German shepherd husky mix

She is already acting like a watchdog at an early age. This is a trait that I was looking for. It is obvious that this instinct to guard is hardwired into her. I needed a dog that is highly intelligent, protective of my family and a watchdog, and large enough to wrestle with my son and I. I know that I found what I was looking for. My point is this. If you want a better chance of choosing a puppy that will grow to a certain size and exhibit certain characteristics, your best choice is going to be purebred. All you need to do is decide what size of dog you desire and choose the characteristics that you are looking for and then research the breeds. Do your homework and you won’t be sorry? I usually wind up with a dog because it is available at the time. This was the first time that I actually chose the puppy I wanted and even ordered it before it was born.

To be fair, many people own mixed breeds and love them including me. It is a good deed to save a puppy from the pound or save the dog that is obviously looking for a home. But if you are looking for specific characteristics, consider a purebred.

Lastly, if you are looking for a purebred, try not to buy from a puppy mill. Puppy mills breed purebred dogs by the dozens. The dogs get little care or socialization. The dog moms are abused. Puppy mills often sell through chain pet shops, the internet and even local classified ads. This is not to say that all chain pet stores, classified ads and internet ads are bad. When we purchased our puppy (I found our puppy on the internet) I chose a breeder as close to home as I could (3 hours). I questioned the breeder as to how many dogs she had to be sure that it was not a large, impersonal operation. I visited the breeder and found out that she socialized each puppy in her home and the puppies even had a chance to be socialized with cats. I wanted to be sure that we had the best chance of buying a great puppy, and we did.


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