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Caring For A Pregnant Dog And Preparing For Birth

Prenatal Care For Dog, Care A Pregnant Dog

Every dog-owners must be aware of caring for a pregnant dog and preparing for birth if you are planning on breeding your dog. During the last 2 to 3 days of pregnancy, the dog becomes restless and lonely and may eat less. At the end of pregnancy, the mother’s body temperature drops as a result of increased progesterone hormone levels and then increases in the early hours of labor. Therefore, lowering the mother’s body temperature to less than 0.5 degrees will indicate the onset of childbirth within the next 2 to 3 hours. When approaching delivery, the breasts, nipples, and around the vagina and especially the anus of the mother should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants.

This will prevent possible parasitic contamination whose eggs are passed through the mother’s stool through the nipples. In addition, because the mother’s breasts and vagina touch the ground while sleeping, infectious agents may be transmitted to the mother and pups during or after delivery. At parturition, the ambient temperature of about 20°C to 30°C was very suitable for mothers and puppies, and it is advisable to reach this ambient temperature. It is best to leave the animal alone during childbirth and avoid gathering at the nest and making noise in the area. If you do not know the place of the nest and the place where it should give birth at the appropriate time before parturition, the mother may reject the place as a nest and may have trouble giving birth to puppies. 

In this situation, the dog may give birth to each pup in one place and go elsewhere at birth. At times, like homeless people, they take their puppies to the tooth and constantly change their place, and if they do not find a suitable place, abandon them and leave. These behaviors are more common in home-keeping religions that have been moved to a nest away from their place of birth because the group is highly dependent on its owner. At this time, it is best for the pet owner to be with his dog during childbirth and to support him emotionally.

dog pregnancy - Prenatal care -Preparing For Birth
dog pregnancy - Prenatal care

Before it is time for delivery, owners should prepare and make available equipment that includes:
Hygiene and disinfectant: Liquid soap, disinfectant, a small container containing some warm water.
The disinfectant is mostly used to disinfect dog births and, if possible, disinfect the cord of the puppies. It is also used to cleanse the breasts and heads of female dogs that are often parasitized. Of course, you can rinse the area around the vagina and especially the anus area with these disinfectants.
When the owner is in direct contact with the delivery dog ​​and its puppies, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Slim linen or nasal pump: To clear the mouth and nose of puppies

A few clean and soft towels: for drying newborn cubs.

A pair of sterile scissors: to tear the fetal membrane and the cord.

A packet of tooth or suture thread: to close the cord of the puppies if it is necessary to cut.

A dog bed: Contains a foam and a well-insulated hot water bag, because sometimes there is a long gap between the birth of the first pup and the last pup, so the early puppies should be kept in proper heat.

A number of training pads: to change the bed of the delivery bed after the pups are born.

Puppy Whelping Box

puppy whelping box

Puppy whelping box

Two weeks before delivery, all supplies and supplies for the pregnant woman should be provided. This is the most important tool for making and preparing a delivery box. As explained earlier, a pregnant dog during the last week of childbirth is very sensitive and, in some cases, behaves violently. At this time, the female dog is searching for a safe place for the pups to give birth. If the environment is not suitable for delivery, the animal becomes confused and begins digging and nesting in any part of the home that seems out of reach. Also, if the owner’s chosen environment is exposed to cold air or excessive humidity, inadequate light, inadequate delivery, or if the owner delays the cleanliness of the delivery environment or the selected environment does not meet the requirements of thorough cleaning, any of these factors can Reason for the death of puppies.

whelping box, dog labor box

Owners should pay attention to the size of the dog and the number of puppies when choosing the environment and making the bed. Its interior should be large enough for the mother to lie down and breastfeed her cubs and move from one side to the other. You can use a smooth, polished, hard wooden box (no wood slices and sharp edges and no coke, mites and other parasites) or plywood and laminated box. Used to make it easy to clean and disinfect. The walls of this box should be about 1 to 2 cm high and one of the walls should have a U-shaped inlet (distance from the ground to about 2 cm) so that the dog can easily enter and exit without flanking its sides. The sidewalks are closed and the puppies can’t leave the place for the first week. And its four walls are 2 and 4 meters wide.

The walls created a 5 cm high edge around the walls around the delivery bed so that the mother would not put her foot on the cubs at the time of departure and arrival. Blankets or carpets can be used to cover the floor of the nest. A coarse and clean cloth is also suitable for this purpose. Because of the large amount of fluid and blood being excreted from the mother during delivery, it is advisable to carpet on the bed with a moisture-absorbent coating so that the puppies can easily be born under the mother and puppies after birth. Replaced it. The flooring should be warmed to the floor, in the past using sheets or newspapers, both of which are not suitable.

The use of sheets causes newborn puppies to hide, which can cause the mother to choke or crush the mother, making it difficult to remove from under the mother and puppies and does not hold much moisture. It transfers to the body of the puppy, which causes the body of the puppy to cool down. The use of the newspaper is also unacceptable because of the unpleasant odor that keeps it moist. The best-recommended bedding methods are dog urine training pads, which are both easily replaceable and have high moisture absorption, which can warm the environment and cause damage to the antibacterial environment. Cubs will not enter. (If you do not have access to the training pad, you can use the following patient pads sold in pharmacies).

whelping box for pregnancy dog

This environment should be introduced to the pregnant dog 2 weeks before delivery, so it is advisable to transfer the dog’s toys and other supplies to the animal in which it is given animal-friendly incentives, during these 2 weeks whenever the dog. Entering this environment, the owner should not go after the dog to ensure the mother’s safety. It is best to take the dog bed or put it in a delivery box so that the mother gets used to her new environment.
The dog delivery box should be in a container that has a proper supply and sufficient light. The nest should not be exposed to airflow because sudden changes in ambient temperature can cause the pups to change their body temperature, and because they cannot maintain their body temperature, this can cause the pups to die. Remember, any heating equipment in the room where the delivery box should be kept away from the impact of the female dog.

Owners should remember to avoid placing food and water in this environment, as the cubs have often been found drowning and drowning.

Sample whelping boxes for caring pregnancy dog birth

sample whelping box for dog pregnancy
sample whelping box for dog pregnancy

Tips For Caring For A Pregnant Dog And Preparing For Birth

Caring For A Pregnant Dog And Preparing For Birth

puppies whelping box for dog caring pregnancy
puppies whelping box for dog caring

Since your female dog is about to become a mother soon, you may notice a marked behavior change. Especially since her mid-pregnancy, calmer, more modest, and less emotional behaviors. Breastfeeding is also very important, and if you haven’t already had a proper baby shower you should consider preparing it. One of the most important issues to consider during this time is the caring pregnant animal diet. As noted above, maternal weight gain has been clearly visible since about 6 days of age, and at this time when embryos are at the peak of their developmental phase, the mother’s need for foods high in protein and energy will be greater. As the fetuses grow older, the mother’s body will bear more pressure to provide them with nutritional needs, and if they do not receive these nutrients through their daily diet, the fetus’s growth and development will be disrupted, in addition to being extremely weak.  During the gestation period, the activity of the animal is very important and it will be necessary for the future mother to have a light walk until the last day before delivery.

If the animal is not active during this period, it becomes obese and develops muscle weakness, which in addition to making it difficult for the child to give birth, endangers the health of the mother, a daily walk is very useful for the pregnant animal, and it is best to Schedule a daily schedule. But from the late gestation, you should avoid strenuous activity and skip the animal. Jumping too high and making quick and sudden movements in the last days may endanger the health of the fetus. Maintaining public hygiene and daily hygiene can be done as before, provided the animal does not put too much pressure on them. Washing, brushing and trimming the nails are among these. It is advised to undergo anti-parasitic treatment in the mid to late gestation period. This will prevent infant parasitic infections at birth and be beneficial to the health of the mother and puppies. Because some parasitic infections are transmitted to the pups through the placenta. If the mother is infected with parasites, the eggs of the parasites that have been excreted from the dog’s faces by sucking on the mother’s breasts and contacting her body can infect the infants and infect them. Be sure to consult your veterinarian for antiparasitic treatment of your pregnant animal and avoid doing so arbitrarily.


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