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10 Signs You’re In Love With BENEFITS OF PET DOGS


Owing a pet dog means you get to share one of the purest bonds, all about unconditional love, faithfulness and devoted companionship. Some people prefer cats, some prefer birds and some prefer rodents as pet animals. However, dogs are Adoration among the most loved benefits of pet dogs and of course most owned pets worldwide. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 38.4% of US population owns a canine companion, followed by cats and birds respectively. [1]

According to the 2020 survey of American Kennel Club, Labrador Retrievers are the most owned pet dogs in united state. Then comes the French bulldogs, German shepherd, golden retrievers, poodles, beagles and others. No matter what the breed is, one thing remains same and that is purely selfless companionship. Owing a pet dog and spending time with your pet can boost your physical and mental health.

 The US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) affirm that having a pet dog can boost your physical fitness, relieves mental stress by managing loneliness and depression and brings happiness and joy. [2]

There are so many benefits of pet dogs that are scientifically proven. Here you Surprise why you should have a pet dog!

  1. Your Pet Dog Can Help You Manage The Metal Stress During And After Crisis!

We are living in this chaotic and ever busy world where metal health issues are prevalent like never before. Furthermore, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has added to the misery of already suffering world. In such scenario, mental health is adversely affected and this can no longer be ignored. However, having a pet dog can help you in this regard. A pet dog can help you deal with crisis such as this COVID-19 pandemic, imposed lockdowns and quarantine.

A study, undertaking the subjects of military veterans, affirms that service dogs can help manage the PTSD. The subjects showed improvements in symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and better coping skills. [3]

  1. Having A Pet Dog Is Helpful To Overcome Loneliness!

 Dogs offer selfless devotion, loyalty, emotional support and unconditional love. A small Australian study undertaking dog owners reveals that pet dogs can help stave off loneliness and social isolation. Data collected over three month show significant benefits of having pet dogs for the owners. [4]

Welfaress of pet dogs
  1. Dogs Keep You Physically Active, Fit and Healthy!

 One of the greatest benefits of having a pet dog is that it keeps you physically active and fit.  Dog owners are four times more likely to meet their daily physical activity requirements, as compared non-dog owners. According to the study, it’s good news for the dog owners that they are more active, fit and healthy. The sedentary lifestyle is among the major risk factors for various diseases such as obesity, hypertension, cardiac diseases etc. having a dog keeps you physically fit and thus significantly reduces the risk of various diseases. [5]       

  1. Your Canine Companion Is Good For Your Heart Health!

Sedentary lifestyle and psychological stress are the main risk factors for cardiac diseases. Pet dogs keep you physically active as well as help you to stay mentally relaxed. Therefore, having a pet dog significantly helps you reduce the risks of cardiac disease. Reading discloses that pooch possession is connected with insignificant risk of loss over the extensive term; greatest possibly outstanding to saving in cardiac death.

Pet owners usually share a strong, loving bond, which helps them to unwind and relax in routine life. Moreover, playing with your canine best friend is good for maintaining blood pressure and thus good for heart health.       

  1. Having A Pet Dog Can Help You Recover Soon!

Another of benefits of pet dogs! Those who have or are going through some treatment therapy for certain disease should have pet dog. This is because, dogs provide emotional support and thus helpful in the recovery process. It has been affirmed by many studies that emotional support dogs are helpful in recovery process.

  1. Pet Owners Tend To Be More Social!

Pet owners are likely to be more social, approachable and good at making new friends. It’s quite simple, whenever you take your pet dog out for a walk; you get to meet many people, your neighbors and other. Thus, you learn the art of making new friends, being more socially active and easy to talk to.  

Studies show that pet owners tend to have strong bond with their pets. Furthermore, they tend to be more social, they feel more connected in their human relationships and their communities.

  1. Psychology Says, Having A Pet Dog Make You More Attractive!

Dogs are excellent facilitators regarding social interactions. Studies reveal that dog owners have better courtship behavior. Thus, they are good in making new friends and stand out n gatherings. Interestingly, men having a pet dog tend to be more attractive to women. They are more social and approachable, thus easily get bond with other humans. [7]

  1. A Lifelong Companion to Help the Elderly with Cognitive Function and Social Interaction!

Elderly people suffer from loneliness, agitated behavior, dementia and loss of cognitive functions.  Pet dogs are no doubt man’s best friend. A pet dog provides companionship, love, security and support in older age. Above all, pets give a sense of purpose, emotional support and bonding.

  1. Dogs Are Good For Kids For So Many Reasons!

Kids make a strong bond with the pet dogs. Dogs are excellent in terms of protecting your kids. In addition to this, kids who grow up with pets tend to be confident, lively and social. Dogs are excellent playmate for your kids both indoor and outdoor.

  1. Aside From Unconditional Love, Companionship And Support – Dogs Are Excellent Security Guards!

Dogs are loyal and deducted pets. They can even risk their lives while saving their owners. We have countless instances of how dogs saved their owners. They have sharp instincts and thus they can sense danger. Thus, if you have a pet puppy in your home with whom your kids grow up, it’s like you have permanent guard for your kid.

Rottweiler, American Eskimo, German Shepherds, and Scottish Terriers are among the best watchdog breeds.

Cheerfulness of pet dogs
  • Bottom Line!

Dogs are man’s best friend and you are the lucky person who have a dogs . I hope now your know clearly that Benefits of pet dogs. In addition to the unconditional love, companionship and friendship, there are so many benefits of pet dog. If you already have a pet dog, trust me it’s worth it. However, if you decide to have a pet dog, keep some things in mind. First make sure which breed is right for you. Moreover, be careful if you have infants, pregnant woman in home, elderly who are allergic to dogs etc. always keep these things in mind if you wish to add a canine addition in your family.


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