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Animal Welfare and Its Importance

Animal Welfare

It is a common misunderstanding between people that they misunderstood between animal rights and animal welfare. These people thought about these two terms as interrelated. But to disappoint them, they are two different terms. The misconceptions about them are that they share same concerns, principles and practices. But this is not the fact, the difference between them are significant and irreconcilable. Now we move on to our next question which is about animal welfare.

What Animal Welfare actually is?

Well, one can simply define it as the relationship between human and animals and to assure that animals under the supervision of humans are treat humanely and responsibly. Animal welfare is not a current topic. It has its roots going up to the previous 10,000 years back in the Neolithic times. They were the first to show concern for animal welfare and well-being. If we treat animals with the behavior they deserve then we can have many benefits from them. The benefits can be in the field of animal sciences, domestication, animal agriculture and animal husbandry. Animal husbandry is basically a branch of agriculture that deals with the care and breeding of animals.

History about Animal Welfare

It should be noted that many historians consider the development of agriculture in modern times to be the most important event in all the human history. They have their own arguments in support of their hypothesis. The standards about the animal welfare were set up by the Neolithic era many years ago which obligate the people to consider the animal welfare seriously if they want to have their own purposes achieve. It set in place a mutually beneficial arrangement between people and animals that goes like this. The simple fact is that if you want your animals taking care of you than you should also take care of your animals. We have to establish this Human-Animal bond to ensure the best results. Amazingly, this very fundamental animal welfare ethic survives today, especially in settings where hands-on animal care continues.

Animal Welfare: Some facts

A professor at Colorado State University have argued that  20th century technology broke this ancient contract when it allowed us to put animals into environments and uses that didn’t impair their productivity but harmed their well-being. This also defines the challenges the agriculture and animal industry faces today which is to provide acceptable level of animal welfare because now the paradigm has been shift from rural and agriculture towards urbanized and technological. In the recent American society, only 2% of the population lives in farms and 1% of population practices farming as compared to the nineteenth century when 90% of the Americans were farmers or associate with farms. If the modern trend continues then animal welfare will become an even more important subject in future. Learn more about animal welfare principles and policies.

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