Animal Insurance for dogs: Public Transportation with Your Pet

Animal Insurance for dogs

Animal Insurance For Dogs

The world is getting more awareness about animal insurance for dogs as it has so many benefits. Now the people have started ensuring their pets as well.

traveling with dogs internationally
Traveling with dogs

You wish to have your pets with you onboard while traveling so you must have to make sure about animal safety along with yours as well. And this safety is best to ensure through animal insurance. It doesn’t matter if you are on a weekend trip, taking a walk in your town, you can carry your pet along with you as they are insured as well. This doesn’t mean that every type of transport will allow you carrying your animal with you. The regulations are often strict and vary from time to time. But what you can do is to have your animals insured by pet insurance and keep them with you without any let or hindrance.

Your priority should be to travel with your animals with serenity. And to make this sure; we are giving you the best solution.

Animal Insurance: Dogs of different categories

It is to be noted that for your safety, dogs are not allowed to use public transport if they are if category 1. Whatever kind they may be but they are not permitted to be open in public premises. The ministry in charge of agriculture has recognized a herd book and the dogs of category one are not in there. These include Stafford-shire terrier, Mastiff, and Tosca. The dogs of category 2 have the right to use public transport but if and only if they are a muzzle.

Traveling on Train with Dogs

pet carriers and crates for air travel
Pet carriers and crates for dogs

SNCF allows your pets on the train if they are less than 6 Kg. The tickets on different types of the train will cost you 7 euros. They must Carrie in the basket or some animal carrier. Each traveler can travel with two dogs or two containers. But you need to take care of one thing that carrying your animals whether they have animal insurance or not is subject to the passengers and their level of reception about your pets. In the IDTGV train, an animal less than 6 kg is free to carry. In Thales, except guide dogs are allowed. On Euro-star, only assistance dogs can journey by it. Carrying of other animals are not allowed.

Traveling By Plane with Dogs

This only depends on the policies of the airlines whether they accept pet animals or not regardless of the thing that you have animal insurance. Ryan air and Easy-jet simply don’t accept any animals on board. Air France can allow you carrying your pet animals with you. But it depends on whether your animals are insured. There are some requirements you need to fulfill before having your animals been transported.

Pet Insurance for dogs

Animal allowance is very important if you are required to transport on a regular basis whether publicly or by air. It is advised to have the animal insurance to avoid any huge loss if anything happens in the future.

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