Pet Attorney Advise in Case of Divorce

Divorce is not a good thing at all for everybody involve in this. It can get messy at times especially in case when you are splitting up and your beloved things are also splitting up. Attorneys advise you to get a prenup if you are good enough to love your lovable things especially pets. You should be brave enough to fight with your ex about your pet animal especially if you have dog as pet.

Pet Attorney’s general view

An attorney said Burton Padove said that the pet animals are considered as a personal property especially the one owned by couple. But you know that it is hard to consider it a property rather than your family member. We all consider and should consider our pets to be a member of our family. This is not the case with our cars and other things as they can’t be counted as the member of your family.

The pet attorney further added that pets are more likely considered as hybrid than anything else. Yes they are rightly considered as part of your family but talking about them technically, they are surely considered as personal property like a car or a bike. But it is you know subject to equitable distribution. Now what equitable distribution means is that to get splits up like property when the couples are separated through divorce and other agreements. But the problem rise when the couples which intend to separate can’t decide about the owner ship of pet. This problem arises due to love of the pet or due to the sense of responsibility. It is entirely possible that by mutual agreement between parties, just like when couples separate and they sign an agreement for visiting children similarly they can sign a pact to visit their pets after time to time. One party will have the custody of the pet and the other doesn’t.

Couples can avoid this problem to get free from the pet attorney service by creating pet prenups. The surveys show that in the last five years, pet prenups are at the top rather than pet attorneys. It is a smart move to get the court out of the equation. The pet attorneys say that our courts are too overburdened to take on pet disputes on regular basis as there are so many important things going around the globe at this time. So, by simply having a prenup, you can save time of yours as well the courts. The survey shows dogs take the top spot as most disputed family animal at 88 percent. Cats are in second at 5 percent. Other animals that made the list included horses, iguanas, pythons and giant turtles.

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