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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs Quotes

Know About Dogs Quotes

About dogs quotes: Dogs are considered to be the best friends of man among animals aside dolphins. They are also probably the most loved type of pets and people just go crazy about them. They are loyal to you, they love their owners and many other things they do for their owners like making them a good companion, etc. These are the reasons why they are called the best pet animals and the best friend of man. But there are some facts and things which are hidden from the eyes of a layman. Knowing them might be of some value. Some of those hidden things are present here for the readers…learn about dogs more below

Your Diseases are there are “about dogs quotes”

In the case of getting sick, dogs and humans are not much different. Yes, the type of disease can be different in case of human because human is human and a dog is an animal. The thing to know is that about 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year. Isn’t it shocking? Some diseases of humans are also found in dogs but with their versions obviously, like the disease-causing the inability to walk or control the muscles. Sometimes, sharing diseases are beneficial for both animals and humans. This is the reason why clinical tests are performed on animals before trying out on humans.

1. Dogs can smell your diseases “about dogs quotes”

Yes; that’s true by any means that dogs have the power and ability to smell the disease of yours and also indicating it. Your pet dog might be the first one if you are unknowingly suffering from cancer, diabetes or epilepsy. The researches have concluded that dogs owing to their power of sniffing can be trained to sniff out cancer of lungs, breast, and skin and prostate. They can do it by sniffing out the smell of abnormal cells in your body. If your blood sugar is dropped than again your dog might be the first one indicating it so you can take some measures before it gets worse. The best case is when your dog is trained to do so that it can smell the danger even before the symptoms occur.

2. Sniff and Hunt “about dogs quotes”

A research conducted in 2009 showed that dogs can be as smart as two years old child. Some dogs are present which are mostly used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies that are capable of understanding up to 200 words. Poodles, German shepherds, Golden retrievers, and Dobermans round out the top five smartest breeds. The old breeds of dogs like hound dogs and Bulldogs are good at sniff and hunt.

3. Beware of Dog’s fur

Dog’s fur can harm you and rightly so. This is because dogs can carry pathogens which are very harmful to humans. One of the famous diseases is Rabies which is a fatal neurological disease. Though it can be cured now by vaccines that stop the spread of that disease still it’s fatal. A study conducted in 2003 stated that know about dogs if a dog is infected by the Toxocara Canis parasite than a man might be get infected to it by just stroking on such a dog’s fur. There are some roundworms that grow in the intestines of a dog which can cause blindness inhuman if a man is infected by it. In a worse case, this roundworm might infect the liver and lungs of humans. It is important to wash your hands before meals after getting into contact with a dog.

4. Dogs want rewards “about dogs quotes”

You might be shocked by this heading but yes it is true. In a research study conducted in 2008, the researchers found out that when some dogs see other dogs performing tricks and getting treats than the unrewarded dogs might become agitated. They will record their protest in front of the trick master while performing for not getting a reward. This research indicates that dogs also have a version of jealousy or professional jealousy among them.

5. Guilty but actually not

Suppose your pet dog has eaten something not allowed or some action which was not good so you scolded your pet without know about dogs that the pet actually did it or not. Some pets are known for their guilty looks for example pooches regardless of they have committed something wrong or not. So, dogs treated badly or wrongly accused can feel guilty and the looks will define everything. In fact, dogs who were wrongly accused of something they didn’t do like snack-snatching can feel more sense of guilt than the actual ones behind this.

6. Obedience is the key to long life

Yes; it is true especially in the case of dogs. Dogs that are more obedient live longer than those who are not. These results have been concluded from research conducted in 2010. In this research, the researchers studied different aspects of 56 dog breeds like personalities, energy use, life span, and other things, etc. They found out that dogs that control their body size live fast but die young. Their growth rate is better than obedient ones but not their life span.

7. Are they the most diverse looking mammals?

Dogs show a wonderful form of diversity. If not the most diverse they are certainly among those creatures which are the most diverse ones on this planet. This diversity can be in any form like shape, breeds or among the individuals of the same breeds because their traits can be different. The skulls can be taken as an example. A Collie skull, for example, is as different from a Pekingese skull as a cat’s skull is from a walrus’s.

8. The interactions with dogs

In ancient times, people took dogs more important than other animals of those times. This was because the person was connected with it owing to their religious views. The proofs are there from ancient Greek myths and Egyptian myths. Mayan folklore has also covered this aspect. But in modern times, dogs are mostly seen as pets rather than religious figures. A survey conducted in 2010 shows that 39 percent of American households have at least one dog for a total of over 77 million pet dogs hunkered down in American homes. In another survey, it is reported that more than 80% of dog owners spent more than 2 hours a day interacting with their pets. If you have a habit of walking with your dog than your interactions might get tripled which was reported in a 2000 study, They try to know about dogs for research.

9. Smelling sense of dogs

Know about Dogs are among that creature on this planet whose smelling sense is just incredible. The smelling sense of a dog’s brain is 40 times greater than yours. The reason is that their nose has millions of scent receptors. This can be cleared by an example that normally a human nose has million scent receptors while the dogs especially Dachshund has 125 million scent receptors.



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