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10 Benefits of Having Dogs

10 Benefits of having dogs

The benefit of dogs: Owing to a dog in your life is just an amazing thing. It has benefits one could not imagine. If you have a dog as your pet then you should know about the joy it brings in people’s lives. Dogs are preferably one of the most enduring pets in recent times. You would be amazed to know that they are very popular in all parts of the world especially in Australia. The recent studies reveal that there is present at least one canine in more than three million households. We will cover the benefits of having a dogs as your pets that you might haven’t known before because it might probably raise your living standard. So here are given those benefits which will make you think about having at least one dog as your pet.

Benefits of Owning Dogs

1 Community Building

This happens so many times that often dog owners meet other dog owners at different stages. They can interact and they actually interact in their neighborhood. This is a principle that people with mutual interest often meet one another and the same is the case with dog owners. They can meet several times a day either intentionally or by chance. They can meet each other and help the community building during playtime or in parks. This creates a sense of harmony in society.

2 Have a dog and put your medical problems aside

The recent researches have revealed that dogs as pets can come up with numerous medical benefits. The owners of dogs have shorter stays at hospitals, they have controlled blood pressure and their stress level is decreased. These are the findings of researches. Your heart disease can decrease by 4% by having a dog as your pet. Not only that but owning them have many other long term benefits as well.

3 Exercise you need

Exercise is the basic necessity of life and the biggest demand of your body. It keeps you fresh and healthy and helps you to remain active throughout your daily routines. Having a dog will give you a chance of going on long or short walks and your body will in turn automatically get the required exercise. The interesting fact about dogs is that children who possess dogs have 50% less chance of getting overweight which is a common disease in modern times. You play with your pet dog, go for a walk or run with it; they all are different forms of exercise.

4 Nurturing with Dogs

This is an era in which people tend to make their families shorter by having fewer children. Often you have noticed about the smaller size of families these days. Dogs are fulfilling the role and lack of nurturing among people having small families or having no child. In this way, the dog can play the role of a substitute child. This will give the family members a chance to care for someone and to nurture it.

5 Have a Companion; Have a Dog!

The dogs are known to be man’s friends. They are also known to be loyal to their owners. You wouldn’t have noticed that when you have a dog with you like your mate, you chat and interact with other people more instead of going for a walk along. This companionship in turn greatly affects your life in a positive manner.

6 Cancer Detection

Yes; it is true that dogs can help in the detection of cancer in your body. They detect it by licking different parts of the human body and if they found something unusual that they might represent it. This thing is even backed up now by research studies by doctors. The dogs are now trained to detect cancer and believe me when I say that the train ones can detect cancer in as low as 3 hours.

7 Some Beautiful Stuff

benefits of having a dog
benefits of having a dog

8 Your allergies are gone

This is again true that having dogs will make your resistance to allergies stronger than ever before. This thing can be seen more evidently in children who are more likely to have allergies. Even if you were just a fetus when your mother lived with a dog, you are still less likely to be bothered by animal hair and dander or to develop eczema as an adult.

9 Reading: A cute benefits of having dogs

This is good for the child as well as for dogs if he or she read about dogs. This will develop high reading levels and practices among them. This will benefit them both because the dog will be getting the attention it requires and your child is getting more involved in reading. This is funny in every aspect.

10 Empathy in Children

Kids having dogs have more empathy in them as compared to those who don’t have any dogs as their pets. They feel equal about them as they feel about themselves. They also tend to be more popular with their schoolmates and have healthy self-esteem. These are all good things for a child’s emotional and social development, whatever the connection with their canine friend might be.


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