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10 Awesome Facts about dogs you didn’t know about your Dog

10 Awesome Facts about dogs you didn’t know about your Dog

1. You should have a Labrador. They are the most popular dog breeds in this world. So have one and enjoy your time.

most popular dog breeds
Golden Retriever is most popular dog breeds

2. Time to go in the past; the earliest ancestor of a dog seems to be the Miacis which was a small creature known to be lived almost 40 million years ago. Dogs share this ancestor with some other animals like wolves and bears.

3. Dos is great in expressing danger so if they are acting up strangely than it means that there might be a storm on the way.  This is due to their ability that they can smell changes in the weather long before we even start to think about it.

4. One interesting fact about puppies is that they are born blind, deaf and even toothless.

Ten Awesome Facts about dogs you didn’t know about your Dog

5. Another interesting fact about puppies is that the first sense which they develop is touch.

6. If the dog has a square-head than it has the advantage over the narrow-headed ones that they can hear subsonic sounds.

7. Certain dogs like Chihuahuas have a higher range of sounds than other ones. It is also interesting due to the face that dogs possess a high range of hearing.

8. Like human fingerprints, dogs have nose prints through which they can be identified biometrically.

Intelligent Dog Breeds in nose

9. Your dog’s wet nose helps him detect scent by absorbing the water droplets that carry smells.

10. The most intelligent dogs are considered to be border collies and poodles.

Overall 10 Awesome Facts about dogs you didn’t know about your Dog that you must know about it. it’s important for pet lovers. I hope you must be read carefully.


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